Humminbird ICE 35 Review [Used For Ice Fishing]

Ice fishing has been a growing trend lately. And that is not so surprising as modern technologies allow anglers to go fishing even in water covered with a thick layer of ice. There are even fish finders specifically designed for ice fishing! Humminbird ICE-35 is one of them. Welcome to the Humminbird ICE 35 review!

Today, we will examine the features of this great ice fisher and maybe even incline you towards purchasing it! If you are a fan of ice fishing, this fish finder/flasher definitely is a model to look into. And that’s what we are going to help you with!

Make yourself comfortable, and let’s get started with our Humminbird ICE 35 overview!

In Details-Humminbird Ice 35 Review


This 100W RMS and 800W PTP fish finder’s sonar transducer operates at 455/240 kHz and features 19/9-degree beams. This allows ICE-35 to deliver outstandingly detailed readings! But as you would expect from higher frequencies, the max depth capability of this fish finder is quite modest – only 200ft.

It won’t be a problem with shallower lakes and rivers, but deeper water bodies will be a problem.

Another downside of ICE-35’s transducer is that it doesn’t read the temperature of the water.

Temperature data could actually come in handy for ice fishing, but you can easily find fish targets with this model nonetheless.

Fish detection

Thanks to the high-frequency sonar transducer, spotting targets on depths of up to 200ft will be a no-problem task. ICE-35’s hardware lets it easily deliver readings of the water body’s bottom and underwater structures.

ICE-35 delivers 2.5” target separation, which will allow you to spot even tiny fish. With the wide-range zoom, you can instantaneously focus on any part of the onscreen water column to see the full-detail readings.

Overall, ICE-35 is an ideal fish finder to spot fish with. If you want to get a high-performance fish finder, this model is a great model to carefully look into!


The 526 segment 3-color fiber optic display is what helps you visualize the readings of the sonar transducer. ICE-35’s screen is not what you may think it is – it doesn’t, for example, show a user interface. It is actually a flasher that helps you distinguish between different objects, including fish and the bottom, pretty easily.

The flasher helps you differentiate between the size of the targets with three color indicators – red for the biggest, orange for middle-sized, and green for the smallest. As you can see, the screen is pretty straightforward and has nothing excessive.

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Another great thing about ICE-35 is its convenient controls. With them, you can widely adjust your fishfinder to spot targets on a variety of depths.ICE-35 has two dials and buttons for gain, zoom, noise, and beam selection. They are all pretty easy to use and won’t pose any complications whatsoever.

You can adjust the depth the fish finder shows spotted targets via the zoom dial, which allows you to switch between 1x, 2x, 4x, and 10x (for 0-20, 0-40, 0-80, and 0-200ft respectively) zoom. The bottom position of the zoom dial turns the fish finder off.

With the zoom button, you can zoom into the chosen segment of your current depth range and see your targets more clearly. You can adjust the zoom with the top dial.

After you press the gain button, you can adjust the gain of the fish finder with the top dial. By increasing the gain, you will be able to see smaller targets and vice versa.

Speaking of the top dial, if you press and hold it down and simultaneously turn the device on, it will enter a demo mode, which will allow you to test it and get an idea of what you can do. Examine ICE 35 at home so you can avoid figuring things out on the ice!

The noise button allows you to adjust the interference between this and other fish finders. As for the beam button, it will allow you to switch between the two cone angles/frequencies of the transducer. By the way, if you hold down the beam button, you will able to see the charge of your battery.

ICE 35 is pretty easy to use and convenient fish finder. A bad thing about it is that there is not so much info on how to use it online. You get a CD with a manual, but the version you can download from the website is much better as it has bigger and clearer images. Some users complained about the absence of a manual, in which case, you would have to get it from Humminbird’s website.

That’s it for the features of ICE 35. It is a simple ice fish finder, so you shouldn’t expect it to come with a GPS, built-in maps, and other similar features. As for ice fishing, Humminbird ICE 35 is one of the best models you can find!


  • One of the best ice fish finders!
  • 455/200 kHz dual-beam sonar transducer delivers detailed readings on up to 200ft of depth.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger.
  • 5” target separation lets you easily discover underwater structures and, most importantly, fish.
  • The convenient flasher display will clearly show the size and the depth of the targets via the onscreen dial and 3 color-coded markings.
  • Easy to use and clear buttons and dials to regulate the fish finder.


  • No temperature data.
  • The included manual is not so great.
  • Although you can find a lot of YouTube tutorials, there is not as much data on ICE-35 compared to other ice fish finders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you spot fish without drilling a hole in the ice?

Yes, but only if the ice is very clear with no snow or bubbles.

  • What is the fish finder’s operating temp range?

There is no official data from Humminbird, but according to the reviews of the users, it easily tolerates temperatures around 10 to 15.


Here you have our Humminbird ICE 35 review! We hope that it has managed to uncover all the beauty of ICE-35! It is one of the most convenient and efficient ice flashers of its price range. If you really liked this model, maybe you should even think about buying it! You may like to have a look at our Humminbird Helix 5 review.

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