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How To Choose The Best Fish Scales [in 2024]

Last updated on February 12th, 2024

Whenever we catch a fish, the first thing that we want to do is measure its weight and size. It’s not remotely possible to bring about a massive commercial fish weighing machine while fishing, so a fish scale comes to your rescue.

These recreational devices are all hanging scales, but may also differ in design as some of them are basic manual models while others are high-tech tourney versions that are usually used to record and rank different fish weights all at once.

With a fish scale in your hand, you have clear evidence to prove that you have made the catch that you said you did. Hence, choosing the best fish scales includes making sure that they can hold the weight needed and that they are well-built and durable.

Of course, there are other features in the device that you need to see like if the scale has a gripper handle and a screen display.

Here, in this article today, we have the best options that will surely suit your requirements. Whether you have a budget to maintain a weekend warrior or a professional with some more cash to spare, we have it all.

Top 10 Fish Scales in 2020 – Comparisons

Digital LCD
LCD Display
Loading Capacity
60 pounds
20 pounds
110 pounds
Digital LCD
Loading Capacity
60 pounds
Loading Capacity
20 pounds
LCD Display
Loading Capacity
110 pounds
LCD Screen Display
LED display with green backlight
Largest backlit LCD display
Loading Capacity
110 pounds
300 pounds
110 pounds
LCD Screen Display
Loading Capacity
110 pounds
LED display with green backlight
Loading Capacity
300 pounds
Largest backlit LCD display
Loading Capacity
110 pounds
2-inch long LCD LED light display
2" long LED display
Loading Capacity
660 pounds
600 pounds
60 pounds
2-inch long LCD LED light display
Loading Capacity
660 pounds
2" long LED display
Loading Capacity
600 pounds
Loading Capacity
60 pounds

10 Best Fish Scales Reviewed

1. Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper – Best Digital Fish Scale

The Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper combines quality and durability along with a sleek design. We won’t say that this fish scale is very stylish, but it surely is one large device.

It is a bright multi-user gripper tool from Piscifun that will enable you to perform various tasks and give you the right weight.

This device comes with an adjustable wrist strap that prevents loss just in case, which is a great advantage for its users.

The black exterior combines well with the skid-proof, ergonomic handle, and the waterproof LCD.

The black color may give you the impression of the device being boring, but the features and its durability somewhat evens out everything.

Aside from its looks, the scale can hold up to a load of 40 pounds.

The tool itself measures about 9.45 inches in length, which is quite easy to put in a small bag. Just like little things do big jobs, this little device can pull out large fish, without any issue.

Nonetheless, the non-slip EVA handles are super comfortable and make it easier to use the device. The stainless steel that it’s made out of, makes it totally corrosion-resistant and well suited for both freshwater and saltwater.

Unlike other scales, this device is very lightweight, yet sturdy: it weighs only about 1 pound but has a heavy-duty body.

Piscifun scale


  • Rubberized handle
  • Stainless steel body, which is corrosion-resistant
  • Non-slip EVA handle
  • Precise tape and clear scale


  • Not ideal for large boats

2. Rapala Tube Scale 25lb

Yet another cost-effective fish scale that is an excellent pick for those who are looking for a minor frill.

The scale is somewhat of a simple device compared to others that we’ve reviewed so far. And that’s the advantage of the scale; you don’t need anything that has to be very fancy out of all your fear gear.

What makes this a unique design is that it works with a hook and a spring that utilizes the sliding indicator on the front where the weight is recorded. The hook and spring, are rust-resistant and made from stainless steel. However, the body is constructed from anodized aluminum.

The Rapala Tube Scale 25lb offers marks in both kilograms and pounds, which depends on what you prefer.

On top of that, the weight marker will tag the maximum weight of the fish, which by the way, is quite useful in dealing with uncooperative fishes.

If you don’t want to deal with changing batteries, then the Rapala Tube Scale 25lb will make an excellent scale for you.

It does everything that it is meant to very precisely and accurately while being the simplest to use. All in all, this scale is pretty convenient, and can also be used for setting drag on fishing reels.


  • Stainless steel hook
  • Marker slide for precise measuring
  • Spring and handle with aluminum tube
  • Offers marks in both kilograms and pounds


  • A Little Big, Not as Portable as Some Smaller Fish Scales

3. Weston 50 Pound Spring and Hook Scale

The Weston Spring and Hook Scale is yet another classic-style fish scale that will fascinate you. Why? That’s because just like the other scales that we have just come across, this scale also combines quality, performance, and usability altogether.

As much as nice and sleek as it looks, you will be surprised at the way this mechanical scale is built to last. The stainless-steel components are 100% corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the non-slip grip makes weighing anything like a breeze.

When it comes to measuring, the scale can take a load of 50 pounds, which makes it ideal for weighing luggage when traveling overseas or large cargo boxes.

The Weston Spring and Hook Scale is designed in such a way that it has a hook on one end and another sturdy steel ring on another end.

All you need to do is merely hook the box or your luggage use a small steel pipe through the loop on the other end and finally lift. You will get your measures.

The quality and performance of the Weston Spring and Hook Scale ensure nothing but the best.

Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer against evil defects. So, for any complaints, you can always head back to their customer care.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Patented stainless-steel constructed
  • Multipurpose use
  • Adonisedaluminium body prevents rust


  • Consumers complained regarding the accuracy measures

4. Dr Meter Electronic Balance -Best Fishing Scale

This is a great fishing scale, mainly due to its versatility. Yet another digital fishing scale that focuses on the quality and load capacity rather than the looks. If you only value these two qualities in a fishing scale, you will probably like the Dr Meter Digital Fishing scales.

But first, you need to check something for yourself. Check how many different weights will you add to your scale. That’s because based on the answer to the question, you need a scale that’s built of good quality steel and can carry at least a weight of 110 pounds.

Therefore, the Dr Meter Electronic Balance Digital Fishing is very convenient and comfortable when hanging your weight on this.

The Dr Meter Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Scale has outstanding memory storage.

You don’t need to write down your catches separately in a notebook. The scale itself will record the 9 most recent measurements that you have taken.

Another unique feature that comes with the device is an in-built tape that helps you to measure your items. At the heart of the device is the LCD that reads the measurements of your weight.

If you would like this scale, know that this is very efficient and user-friendly. This handy scale is everything that fishers desire to own. So, without further ado, purchase yours, now!


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to store
  • The hook is made from stainless steel
  • Easy to read an LCD


  • Low maximum weight measurement

5. TyhoTech Electronic Balance Digital Hanging Hook Portable Fish Scale

Meet our winner, TyhoTech Fishing Scale. What’s there about this brand that makes this the winner? Absolutely everything. Soon after you read this review, you will fall in love with this device.

The reason why we called this the winner is because design-wise, it sure is. The sleek look, portability, durability, and lightweight make it the perfect choice for almost everyone. All you need to do is buckle it up around your waist.

The way this TyhoTech Fishing Scale is pre-programmed, it is accuracy at its best; just what you need for tight fishing competition with friends.

Needless to say, the device weighs any measurement effortlessly, but the maximum capacity is 110 pounds.

For the price that it comes with, you would be wholly shocked by its looks and functionality.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, it can last for long hours. That’s also because of the auto power-off after 2 minutes of no activity. The mechanism of this device is praiseworthy. If it’s your second time purchasing a fish scale, this one won’t let you down.


  • Pocket-sized
  • High accuracy
  • Smart functions
  • Powerful built


  • Not as sturdy as for heavy-duty usage

6. Klau Portable 150 kg / 300 lb Heavy Duty Crane Scale

If you have read the review on the Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale, you will recognize this Klau Portable Heavy-duty Crane Scale very easily. That’s because they are almost similar but still unique in their ways.

So, if you saw the OutmateMini Digital Crane Scale and it didn’t fit within your budget, then the Klau Portable Heavy-duty Crane Scale is the right choice for you.

Needless to say, this scale is of large capacity and high precision, which can be shown in units of kilograms, pounds, and the traditional Chinese system, Jin. And about the capacity, it can carry a weight of 300 pounds effortlessly.

Although it is a battery-powered device, you will be surprised at how it retains its power.

Immediately after 120 seconds, it will power off itself in idle mode.

The high-strength ABS-engineered plastic shell and quality stainless-steel loop and hook provide ultimate safety.

While the Klau Portable Heavy-duty Crane Scale can’t compare to other well-known brands in terms of functionality, it is still better than many different fish scales that we have reviewed in that regard.

Most importantly, it’s applicable for weighing other items like parcels, luggage, agricultural items, and other heavy objects, you name it.


  • High precision
  • Large capacity
  • Suitable for multipurpose usage
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Setting up the device can be a bit complicated

7. Fishfun 110lb/50kg – Best Digital Fishing Scale

Closing off our reviews of best fish scales with another very useful scale; Fishfun Digital Hanging Luggage Bow Fishing Scale. This scale is better than the best.

The name Fishfun suits this device very nicely. Thanks to its features that makes fishing so much more fun than it already is.

While it may look similar to other scales, it has some tiny features that make it stand out from the crowd. Namely, this scale has three hold modes; auto-hold, no hold, and peak hold. This is perfect for measuring the weight of bows. You can easily choose any mode you need.

Take a look at its design. The 3-inch rubber-coated handle permits all your fingers to fit in comfortably through the handle.

You don’t have to worry about it falling or getting lost.

The battery storage cover is screwed in the back of the scale.

The authenticity of the quality of the 8mm thick aluminum alloy as the sensor ensures accurate and steady measurement of the 110-pound capacity with 0.05 pounds of accuracy. It is designed to serve you throughout the years.

When it comes to user-friendliness, this device has a couple of things that the manufacturers can boast about. The large LCD, the three-hold modes, the low-battery indication, and the backlight function.


  • Authentic quality
  • User-friendly
  • Large LCD screen
  • Three-hold modes


  • Battery drains a little faster

8. Hanging Scale 660Lb 300Kg – Big Fish Scale

If you are looking for a professional-looking fish scale with the best customer care, then the Hanging Scale 660Lb 300kg will come your interest.

Needless to say, the first thing that will catch your eye is the design and quality. It has a high-precision sensor that can withstand the highest weight of 660 pounds.

The quality of the aluminum ally along with the stainless steel together enhances the quality of this fish scale.

Just as we mentioned about the materials, know that there’s no chance of the scale rusting.

The joints of it are extremely strong to resist heavyweights.

So, if this scale has a good design and high-quality materials, how about its usability?

The design of this hanging scale is praiseworthy because it’s very simple to use. It can read weights in different units such as pounds, kilograms, and even in newtons, whichever you prefer.

Oh, and before we forget, we have got to mention its outstanding memory that can keep the units and won’t keep readjusting the scale.

Overall, this scale is fantastically built along with being highly durable. It is relatively much more affordable than the other scales in the market if you compare. So, if you value the quality, design, and sturdiness of the scale, then you wouldn’t mind investing in this one.

Hanging Scale


  • Highly durable
  • Provides accurate readings
  • The big LCD makes it easier to read the measurements
  • Authentic quality and very easy to use


  • Not budget-friendly

9. Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale 300kg/600lbs with LED

From the look itself, you can say that the Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale looks so strong and sturdy, similar to the Hanging Scale 660Lb 300kg we just reviewed.

The Outmate Digital Scale is also of some standard quality but is more compact. So, what can be better than a scale that is made to last and is of superior quality?

The Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale also has a weight capacity of no less than 660 pounds, which is a lot.

And speaking of its accuracy, this scale is attributed to a cell technology that ensures consistent readings.

We think that these fishing scales would make the perfect gift for your friend who’s fond of fishing.

In fact, with the box that it comes with, even the manufacturers are aware that it can serve as a great present.

Apart from the quality and design, this has another unique feature. While weighing heavy items, there’s a high chance that they might fall on your feet. And whether it’s a fish or a rod, it will hurt! Ouch!

This carefully thought out design of the fish scale comes with hooks made of stainless steel making it the most durable scale in the market. Consumers reportedly love the portable design which is, in fact, the feature that makes it stand out of the crowd.

Outmate Scale


  • Accurate readings
  • Stainless steel design
  • Amazing reading screen
  • Easy to use


  • The plastic instead feels cheap to the consumers

10. Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip – Best Fish Weighing Scale

When choosing fishing tools, you need to think of a good Lipper. That is the only way you can take the fish out of the water, weigh it, and return it to the sea, safe and sound, without any injuries. Undoubtedly, the Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip is the best.

Thanks to Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip which does everything perfectly! It’s a high-quality handling and weighing tool.

Made out of aluminum, this tool is very comfortable with the EVA grip that it has and works perfectly. Constructed well with stainless steel using ball detent pins, you can assemble it without screws or threads.

It’s very simple to use and can hold up the fish well over time.

It weighs the fish accurately and effortlessly.

You don’t need to wet your hands in cold weather conditions. And the scale also keeps your hand at a safer distance from hooks, fins, and teeth.

This tool has mainly gained its popularity because of the way it catches the fish; the fish remains uninjured under any circumstances. The Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip makes a great fishing tool that’s meant to last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.


  • Doesn’t injure the fish
  • Weighs fish accurately
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Keeps your hands safe from hooks and fins


  • Doesn’t have a clasp to attach it to a lanyard

What is a Fishing Scale?

A fishing scale is used to decide the weight of your catch. It includes a stainless-steel hook or weighing pans for the commercial selling ones that usually are attached to one single fish’s gill plate for better weighing. These devices are mostly waterproof and are suitable for weighing down any type of fish.

Unlike other pets, fishes cannot be examined through a vet. Hence, weighing a fish gives all the information about a fish’s health – their diet, environmental conditions, or even their growth. This proves to be useful for recreational anglers.

There are two types of fish scales that you could look up to – commercial and competitive:

Commercial Fish Scale:

These are the ones typically used by fish vendors at the market. These are a bit heavier than usual but are of a professional quality that provides the most accurate rates. These are hanging scales that are digital, dial, solar, hand-held, etc.

Did you know that in the UK, commercial fish sellers must register with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) before they sell fish commercially for the first time?

Competitive Fish Scale:

This is used by recreational fishers, who need to determine the rarity, variety, and most importantly the weight of their catch. This is the type of information that decides who deserves placement. Digital scales that come with accurate weight readings. Different types of fish have different sizes depending on their weight. That’s why we think it’s important to compare apples to apples.

For instance, an Atlantic salmon weighs 26kg on average. However, if you manage to catch a 28kg Atlantic salmon, you score more points in the competition than another competitor who caught a trout of about 12 kg.

A thing to Look for in a Fish Scale (Your Ultimate Fish Scale Buying Guide)

Low-quality and inaccurate hanging scales result in the aftermath for both the passenger and the traveling agency. Therefore, we have outlined some of the best ways you can determine that a hanging scale suits your needs. It will help you ensure that you don’t get caught up with a faulty hanging scale that doesn’t fulfill your requirements:

Weight capacity:

How big are your catches? Maybe you can’t decide that now, but if you are into big, gigantic scores, you will need to buy a specific hanging scale to ensure that it meets your needs. A high-end hanging scale usually carries about 100 pounds effortlessly. This is, in fact, the most common one.


Of course, you need accurate measurements of your fish. This is exactly why you are weighing the fish! Make sure that you pick a scale, which gives you exact measurements, no matter it’s digital or standard.

Dial or Digital:

We love digitized stuff. We love the way it gives the perfect measurements. However, dials are classy too. It depends on you, whether you are more fond of digital or analog compasses. Choose yours wisely.


Most of these devices come with a reasonably good warranty from the manufacturer. However, some digital scales might have some malfunctions that might lead to defects after a few uses. Check which manufacturers come with a refund policy that covers the defects.


Some fish scales are very user-friendly, while others might be a little complicated to set up. If you are not very tech-savvy, our suggestion would be to go for something easy to use. Check whether the device that you chose comes with an auto-off function and an instant reset setting.


We always and will always recommend portability to be the most important factor in a fish scale. That’s because you surely wouldn’t want to carry something heavy and require other peripheral parts to be connected to work. Hence, choose something lightweight, compact, simplified, easy to transport, and a one-handed operation. Well, if you can’t find them all in one, at least make sure that it’s not too heavy or too complicated.


Your fish scale has the chance of getting in touch with water. So, you need to pay attention to durability. A lousy-quality fish scale would give you a hard time. Imagine it stops working in the middle of the sea. That’s going to let you down, right? The device that you choose must be very durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have outlined some questions that may pop into your head while making your purchase.

Q1: How can I use the scale?

Answer: That’s an excellent question because when you catch a big one, you are more than excited about it. Well, if you get a competitive fish scale for recreational purposes, you can more likely use it anywhere you want. All you need to do is hang your fish on the hook of the scale and get the weight measurement. It’s that easy.

Q2: How often can I use the scale?

Answer: This brings us back to the question, how often do you go fishing? If you’re a professional fisher, chances are you would be going fishing now and then. Hence, an expensive fishing scale can support you through rigorous usage along with some additional features to streamline the weighing process.

But if you plan on using it once in a while, you can invest in a cheaper one or even a multipurpose scale that’s likely to be more useful for you.

Q3: How much should I spend on a fish scale?

Answer: You have a budget to spend on your fishing gear, and the scale is no exception. Hence, decide beforehand how much you are willing and able to spend on a scale. More importantly, assess whether you’re in a position to buy a scale. We would recommend you to do a thorough research when purchasing a scale. If you search enough, you will find that there’s at least one scale that meets all your requirements, fits your budget, and is a decent brand. However, you may still need to buy a replacement, depending on your usage.

Q4: Where can I use the scale?

Answer: If you plan on taking the fish scale with you in the kayak, you do need the waterproof one. Each fish scale has its specifications. Before you choose one, you need to ensure that it will work through the environment you are about to work in.

Mistakes that You May be Making While Fishing

While you may have all the fishing gear in the world, simple errors can completely stump you down. The bad news is that if you are new to fishing, you will undoubtedly make some mistakes. But in tune, the good news is that there are ways to avoid them.

Being disorganized: Efficiency is the key while disorganization is its enemy. You need to pack your things in such a way that it’s all easily accessible. Just when you need something, you have it.

Fishing too fast: Patience is the path to winning in fishing. Slow down and ensure that what you have seen is actually what it is. Instead of rushing to catch the fish, observe its movements and subtly catch it. Do not rush, I repeat.

Not developing a plan: As you may have heard 90% of fishes occupy only 10% of water. This means that anglers do need a game plan for success. Again, don’t just go ahead and cast, think, observe, and then catch. Think of what type of lake you are in and what techniques would lead you to success. This pre-plan approach will change your game.

Bad timing: When the sun is up, shining and glowing, fishes do glam up. Mornings and evenings are indeed the best time for fishing. So, choose your time wisely.

Final Words

Whether fishing you are a commercial fish vendor or just a recreational fisher, one thing you will surely want to know is the worth of your catch. That’s what fishing scales do. It helps you measure the weight of your catch much more accurately, without much hassle. From analog to digital, fish scales have escalated a long way.

And you don’t need to buy a fish scale just to measure fish. Some of them are multipurpose scales and can be used to weigh other household items too.

Get yourself a fishing scale and simplify your fishing process. Not like you have to buy the most expensive one, but you must go for a durable one. Choose the one that suits your needs, and we hope that our guide on the best fish scales will help you work through your decision to buy the best. Nonetheless, we hope that you will have a better time shopping for a fish scale, now.

Happy fishing!

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