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Best cast net

Anglers all around the world know in their heart that good fishing gear can take the overall experience to a great new height. Cast nets are incredibly popular for bait fishing and they have been in the fishing scenario for ages. Cast nets date back to 1000 B.C and you can find its reference in the Bible, too. Fascinating, right?

A cast net is thrown into a specific place in the water over a targeted area. When the net lands on the water it starts sinking because of the lead weights. The lead line eventually forms an enclosed area where fishes are caught. Cast net fishing is a lot different than fly fishing, ice fishing or other kinds of fishing style.

Cast nets help you catch a school of fish altogether and these nets are adored by the fishermen as they are a lot more convenient and efficient than the other methods. Fishermen can catch more fishes at a single go rather than just catching one like a fishing rod.

There are different shapes and types of cast nets available in the market. Even though they exist in the market for a very long time but finding the right one for you is quite an intimidating task. Let’s take a quick look at our top picks of best cast nets which will make your fishing trips a worthwhile experience.

Comparison of Best Cast Net Available on the Market

ImageProduct NameSizeMaterialPrice
Running Water Japan&korea Style Cast Nets 12-Feet * 3/8 Inch Monofilament
Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net 8 Feet * 1/4 Inch Copolymer monofilament
JSHANMEI Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net 5 Feet-10 Feet * 3/8 Inch Nylon Monofilament
Betts Old Salt Cast Net 4,5,6,8-Feet * 3/8-Inch Monofilament
Candid Throwing Cast Net: Nylon Mesh 10-Feet * 3/8 Inch Nylon
Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net 6-12 Feet * 1/4 Inch Monofilament
Ahi USA 50 Outfitter Series Cast Net 3/4 LBS of weight per foot Monofilament
Betts My Betts Buddy Chartreuse Net 3-Feet * 3/8-Inch Monofilament
Mako Bait Cast Net 3/8" Square Mesh, 3.5 Ft. CBT-S305 3.5-Feet * 3/8-Inch Nylon Monofilament
Lee Fisher Mono Cast Cast Net 3/8 in CBT-S3 4-7 Feet* 3/8-Inch Nylon Monofilament

Our Top Ten Picks Cast Net – Reviews

Running Water Japan&korea Style Cast Nets

Running Water is quite a popular name in the cast net world as they offer superior quality at a very reasonable price. It’s a monofilament cast net with a 12 feet radius that’s perfect for fishermen with varying experience levels. It’s lightweight and easy to work with hence it’s suitable for both the professionals as well as the beginners.

It has a dimension of 11 x 7.5 x 6.7 inches with a weight of just 13.4 pounds.

It’s a versatile cast net that can be customized according to your preference.

This cast net is a perfect product for bait fishing. It consists of an iron chain weight that helps the net to sink in the water after the throw.

Even though it’s quite a big net, it sinks pretty fast. It’s a sturdy build quality hence it can withstand a massive impact without any wear or tear on the net.

It’s suitable for casting in both saltwater and freshwater condition. The material used to make this cast net is extremely durable and corrosion-free hence it will not last for ages in all water conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for both beginner and experienced fishermen
  • Sinks quickly
  • Ideal for freshwater as well as the saltwater condition
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable construction

Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

Goture Fishing cast nets are one of the best in the market. The best part is, everyone doesn’t need to settle down for one particular shape. They come in several different shapes and radius varies from 4 feet to 12 feet. This feature comes really handy for the novice fishermen as it’s tough for them to handle a huge cast net at the beginning.

This cast net will leave you with no room for complaints when it comes to quality.

They are handmade and the mesh is made with copolymer monofilament.

The strong nylon fiber will provide a powerful bearing and the long 30ft PE braid hand-line helps to cast even further.

The braid hand-line also diminishes the risk of losing the net in the sea or river as it will be attached to your hand. When the Goture is thrown, it takes the shape of a parabola in the air and once it falls on water, it takes a circular shape that catches the bait more easily.

The mesh has a size of 3/8” which can successfully accommodate most bait fishes. Once the net is thrown in the water, it sinks super-fast due to the loads attached to it. These loads form a tight bottom seal which creates a closure and restricts the baits from moving out.

Highlighted Feature

  • Available in four different sizes
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a utility box
  • Durable and lightweight

JSHANMEI Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

This cast net is a superb creation by JShanmei that screams quality. It comes in five different size variations to meet the requirements of all kinds of anglers. They have an extremely superior and sturdy construction that will stay good as new for years.

The JShanmei cast nets are made with a durable nylon monofilament line which has a robust build quality.

The net also includes a 26 feet long braided polythene hand-line that stays secure with a high strength copper swivel.

It has a standard mesh size of 3/8” that easily accommodates most baits.

The quality construction of the net ensures that it will last a very long time with proper care. However, the mesh thickness is 0.3 mm, if you deliberately try to create a hole in the mesh, you can do that easily.

The net is surrounded with high-quality lead weights that help the net to quickly sink in the water and create a tight seal at the bottom to restrict the fishes from moving out. As the pure lead doesn’t react with water, so you’ll face no rusting issues as well.

Highlighted features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Made with strong nylon mesh
  • Available in several sizes
  • Pure lead weights
  • Sinks easily

Betts Old Salt Cast Net for Bait Fish

Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Nets are widely popular among fishermen. This unit does live by its name and does offer premium performance. It comes in two different shapes, one with a diameter of 8 feet and the other with 12 feet. Both the variants have a mesh size of 3/8 which is excellent for catching a school of small fishes.

This goody features a utility box where you can store all the fishing necessities such as lures, hooks, baits, etc.

It’s made with high-quality nylon which is super tough and durable.

The net spreads fast once it’s thrown and it has moderate weight distribution throughout the net which helps to sink it very quickly.

It has a bare lead on the bottom of the net rather than plastic coated weights. One of the best things about this cast net is that it comes with a very reasonable price tag. It is a super convenient buy for both the beginners as well as professionals. It even comes with an instruction manual so that novices can use the net easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Reasonably priced
  • Spreads evenly
  • Lead weights
  • Sinks quickly
  • Come with an instruction manual

Candid Throwing Cast Net: Nylon Mesh

The Candid Cast Net is a heavy-duty net that is made with strong nylon monofilament and it offers superb durability. It comes in three different shape variants with a radius of 6 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot.

The smaller ones are a good choice for the novice fishermen as they’re easier to handle and the bigger one is more suitable for the professionals who prefer catching more fishes at a single go.

The nylon throw rope on this net is huge with a size of 28 feet.

The large shape allows the net to be thrown farther way with deeper drops.

The rope is secured with a non-slip wrist guard that minimizes the risk of losing the net in the river.

The metal weights attached surrounding the net that helps to sink fast and stay in place even with heavy currents. It’s suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, as the weights have zinc coating so rusting will not be an issue with this

It has a super affordable price tag that makes it a great fit for all kinds of fishermen. This net is also very easy to manage which will make your fishing experience a lot more fun and carefree.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Long-throw rope with a wrist guard
  • Ideal for freshwater as well as saltwater

Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net

The Bait Buster Professional Grade Cast Net is one of the most heavy-duty cast nets available in the market. It has an extremely robust build quality that can withstand rigorous activities with ease. It comes in seven different size variants with a radius ranging from 5 feet to 12 feet.

It’s made with 0.28mm fine monofilament fiber that ensures quality as well as durability.

It has a mesh size of standard 3/8” that’s suitable for catching tiny fishes like shrimps or chads.

The net is easy to throw and it sinks very quickly due to the load attached to the ends of the net.

Bait Buster has put an extra emphasis on the weight and this net holds 1.5lbs of lead per radius foot. The heavy load comes really handy for deep water fishing as well as fishing under strong currents.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly cast net that will offer superior performance then do check this bad boy out as it offers multiple sizes to suit the needs of anglers with varying skill levels. With proper care, the rugged build quality will make it last for ages.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for novices as well as advanced fishermen
  • Durable
  • Easy to throw
  • Sinks fast
  • Heavy lead weights

Ahi USA 50 Outfitter Series Cast Net

If you want to have a quality father-son time out there fishing but can’t find a child-friendly cast net then the Ahi USA cast net is your ultimate solution. They have a wide variety of cast nets with a radius varying from 3 feet to 8 feet.

It’s extremely lightweight so it’ll easily fit in your bag if you’re planning to go fishing in your next tour. The 3/8 mesh size makes it a great fit for catching small to medium sizes fishes. The package also includes an instruction manual on how to throw the net which is extremely helpful for the beginners.

It’s made with premium-grade UBE Chip monofilament netting.

The material is very long-lasting as all the size variants include an 80lbs test braille lines which add to the durability of the net.

This cast net features vinyl coated steel weights which makes it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater condition.

On top of that, the net also includes 24 feet hand-line with a robust anodized swivel that creates a reeling that helps you to easily trap the fishes. You’ll also get a reusable hard plastic container where you can store the net.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-chips vinyl-coated weights
  • Durable and robust quality
  • Reusable plastic container for storage
  • Suitable for kids and adults

Betts My Betts Buddy Chartreuse Net

Betts Buddy is clearly on their A-game when it comes about cast nets. This is our second pick from Betts Buddy and the Chartreuse is one of the finest creations. This net has a very compact size that’s suitable for carrying around as they occupy very little space. It also comes in a hard plastic box that provides additional storage facilities.

Chartreuse is a great buy for beginners who have just started exploring the fishing world.

It has a radius of 3 feet that’s super easy to throw even for the novices.

Even though it has such a small and compact size but you’ll get nothing less than premium quality.

The monofilament fiber makes this net extremely durable and long-lasting. It has the standard mesh size of 3/8” that will easily enable you to catch tiny fishes. The loads on this net are not super-heavy, however, they ensure that the net is properly submerged in water.

This net is available in vibrant neon color which gives it a very eye-catching look and it can be seen from miles away when thrown. The neon color makes it quite a good choice for the kids.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Vibrant color
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Easy to throw

Mako Bait Cast Net 3/8″ Square Mesh

The Mako Bait Cast Net is an extremely durable and strong net that will surely meet the requirements of a pro fisherman. The monofilament netting system makes this net very long-lasting as well as sturdy. It has a superb build quality that offers superior performance.

This net quite lightweight and easy to throw. It has 1lb of weight attached to the end of the net that allows it to sink in the water very smoothly and quickly.

If you’re looking for a lightweight net that offers good performance then do give the Mako Bait cast net a try.

The Mako cast net has a mesh size of 3/8″ which is suitable if you’re after bait sizes of 3 inches to 6 inches.

It also has a long rope attached to the net with a swivel on one end to make sure you don’t lose the net in the water which is a very common scenario for the fishermen.

The Mako Bait cast net comes with a very reasonable price tag. If you’re looking for a budget cast net that’s durable with great performance then rest assured that the Mako cast net will not let you down.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Sinks fast
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

Lee Fisher CBT-S3 Mono Cast 3-Feet Net

If you’re looking for a compact cast net to accompany you to your next fishing expedition then the Lee Fisher Mono Cast is your guy. It only has a 3 feet diameter which is intended to cash fishes sized 3 inches to 6 inches.

It’s made with super-durable nylon monofilament fiber that ensures that it will last you years of regular use without failing. It offers a nice even spread even with the compact side and gets submerged in the water instantly.

This bad boy will not be unraveled over time as long as it’s used and cared for properly.

There’s a hand-line rope on the swivel which makes the casting and retrieving process effortless.

This ensures that the net will not be lost and you can keep a track of it at all times.

It’s a perfect fit to use for kayaks and also a good practice option due to its compact size. However, if you’re looking for something rugged and for heavy use then this might not be your guy as it’s not designed to meet the needs of serious throwers.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Small compact size
  • Spreads evenly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hand-line rope for easy casting and retrieving

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Ultimate Cast Net for You

Cast nets generally don’t have many variations in design. However, there are certain factors that play a vital role in the performance of the net and if you don’t weigh those factors before buying net, you might not end up with your desired one.


No matter how expensive the net is, if it’s made with lousy material then it’s not worth the investment. Cast nets are usually made with two materials: monofilament and nylon. A monofilament is a synthetic form of plastic that is melted then passed through a small nozzle. The purpose of using this fiber is because it’s quite economical and it also provides a uniform strength throughout the net.

Nylon nets have been in the fishing scenario for ages. They were first developed by Dupont and ever since they have been dominating the market. Nylon is extremely durable and they are very long-lasting as well. They’re quite inexpensive which makes it a popular choice among the manufacturer and the fishermen.

Nylon is not as dense as monofilament which takes it longer to sink in water compared to monofilament. Nylon nets are prone to corrosion and their quality degraded after continuous exposure to sunlight.


We know the urge you have to get a large net that can help catch a school of fish at a single go. Make sure you choose a lightweight net if you’re a beginner and opt for a larger or heavier net as you gather more experience over time.

Net Size

Most bait cast nets are offered with a radius varying from 3 feet to 10 feet which means the total length or the diameter of the net will be double the radius size. If you’re a professional who’s looking for something more challenging then there are nets available with 15 feet radius that will enable you to catch a greater amount of fishes at a single go.

Mesh Size

When you’re shopping for cast nets, the very first thing that you should consider is the size of the mesh. The mesh size is the determinant of the kinds of fishes you’re going after. If the mesh is too large, the baits will escape easily. On the other hand, if the mesh is too small then you’ll end up with a lot of unwanted baits.

1/4 inch mesh- Cast nets made with this shape are perfect to catch fishes like small-shrimp or ghost minnows. However, these kinds of nets sink slower than the other variants and this feature can create a problem when you’re fishing in deep water.

3/8 inch mesh-We have reviewed several cast nets with 3/8” mesh and if you’re looking for one you’ll surely find one you love in this list. They also have a faster sink rate and these kinds of nets are extremely useful for catching shrimps, chads, and other small fishes. However, as the net shape isn’t very big, you’ll still end up with many unwanted baits.

1/2 inch mesh- If you’re after large fishes and you want to avoid catching unwanted small baits then opt for a net that has a 1/2 inch mesh. They have a super-fast sink rate which quickens the overall process.

5/8 inch and over- Nets with 5/8” or higher are designed to catch large fishes. If the bait resides deep down water and you want to reach to the bottom to catch them then opt for a net with the mesh size of 5/8” or higher.

Lead Size

Lead weights are placed at the bottom of the net that helps the net to sink faster in water and ensures they stay in the right place throughout the time. The more the lead weight the tighter it’ll be spaced underwater. Cast nets usually come with a ¾ pound, 1 pound and 1 ½ pound of lead weight. However, if you choose a net that offers weights beyond your strength then it’s better to avoid those. So, know your strength limit before deciding on the net.


Well, cast nets can be quite a nuisance if they’re tangled up. It’ll take ages to untangle them and you might also end up damaging the net. We have reviewed several nets that come with a storage bucket which enables you to easily travel with the net.

How to Cast a Net: 101

Casting a net is no rocket science, however, it does need some tricks and techniques. Here’s you cast 101 guides so you can rock your next fishing expedition.

  • Attach the hand-line with your wrist so that the net doesn’t get lost or flows away when there’s a sudden wave.
  • Coil up the rest of the hand-line with your wrist
  • Pick the net by the horn and create a loop around your hand
  • Divide the net into two equal portions
  • Keep your body in a stationary position and shift your upper body leftwards and make the throw

The Benefit of a Cast Net

There are various methods of catching fishes but cast net comes with their own goodness and advantages.


Well, fishing gears dong come cheap and if you’re an angler then you’re probably know how expensive can some gears be. However, most cast nets come with a budget-friendly price tag so that everyone can have a quality fishing period. If you’re a beginner or you don’t want to spend o ton buying fishing gears then the cast nets will be the best option for you.

The More the Better

Cast net makes the best use of your precious time and effort. Unlike fishing rods, you don’t have to sit for hours to catch just one fish. You can catch numerous fishes at a single go with a cast net.

Less Hassle

Cast nets are easier to operate than a fishing rod. You don’t need to follow an extensive set of rules or techniques. It’s easier to master than the other methods of fishing. Also, you can cast nets in a wide variety of terrains which offers more opportunities to catch a greater amount of fishes.

Some Cleaning Tips!

In order to keep the cast net good as new for years, it’s essential that you take proper care of it. If the cast net is cleaned regularly and properly it will last longer than usual. Cleaning the cast net is no rocket science. Following a few simple steps, you can keep them clean as well as increase their performance.

  • Clean the net thoroughly with water and soak it in a mixture of detergent with fabric softener (yes, everyone needs to be pampered once in a while!)
  • Soak the net for an adequate amount of time so that the fabric softener can do its job
  • Remove it from the mixture and rinse it properly with clean water
  • Hang the net out to dry
  • Don’t put the net under direct sunlight as it would damage the monofilament fiber
  • Make sure you store the net in a cool and dry place

Wrapping Up

Fishing is a fun outdoor activity that is quite addictive too. If you have your love for fishing but you don’t have the patience to sit with a fishing rod for hours then do give the cast net a try.

They are a lot more hassle-free and you also get to fish in a wide variety of terrains with a cast net. The best part is you get to catch tons of fishes at a single go. Cast nets also don’t require any extensive techniques or rules to follow and with some practice, you can easily master the art.

Cast nets are available in a variety of shapes which makes it a good choice for beginners. Start with a small size net and explore more with time. The small nets are also a great child-friendly option which will enable you to spend some quality time with your kid while having unlimited fun.

We have reviewed the best cast nets available in the market keeping in mind the wide array of buyers. So, go out there, make the purchase and rock your next fishing expedition.

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