Best Fish Finder Under 200 – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Best Fish Finder Under 200

Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting in one spot with your fishing rod for hours but not getting any fish on your hook? Sometimes even changing your location after waiting a while at one place doesn’t seem to work. Well, that’s just what you get for working without a fish finder. Fish finders can be a great help if you never seem to know what the right place is to fish or if you want to catch some more fish. To help you find the best fish finder under 200, we have narrowed down a list of the finest models in the market.

We’ve discussed all their traits in detail so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

Comparisons of Top Fish Finders Under 200

ImageFishfinder NameDepth CapacityDisplayPrice
Humminbird Helix 5 Series Sonar G2 256 ft 5-Inch Color WVGA Display
LUCKY Portable Fish Finder 147 ft 2.8 inch LCD 3 Color
Garmin Striker 4cv 1,750 ft freshwater, 830 ft saltwater 3.5-inch
Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar 330 ft Smartphone
JOYWEE FF688C 3.5" Phiradar 984 ft 3.5" 18bit TFT
Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 PT 320 ft 4. 3-Inch,Diagonal
Lowrance HOOK2 4X 500 ft 4-Inch, SolarMAX display
LUCKY Fish Finder Wired & Wireless Portable 328 ft 2.8 inch LCD with 3 color
Docooler Portable 3.5" LCD Fish Finder 984 ft 3.5" 18bit TFT
HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder 240 ft VirtuView HD color display

10 Best Fish Finder Under 200 – Review

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this product. To help you get through this conundrum, we have listed down below some of the top-rated fish finders under 200.

1. Humminbird 410190-1 Helix 5 Series Sonar G2 Fishfinder System

When it comes to buying a good fish finder display is a high quality you should keep an eye on. The display and image quality of your tool makes the product more functional.

A 5-inch display on this Humminbird model allows you to see every detail. Amazing picture and color quality leave no room for blurry or distorted reading.

The digital chirp sonar feature on this fish finder has a wider set of frequencies that the tool can send to show you just where fish are.

This feature allows the product to work better than any 2D fish finder and gives structured and more accurate information.

With the ability to reveal the lake bottom to you, this truly is the best fish finder under 200 dollars.

A GPS mapping system shows you just where you are and makes sure you never get lost. This also helps guide you towards the place where there is maximum fish quantity.

Lastly, the down imaging feature gives you a complete view of what’s going on below your boat. The fish eye view is created by using high-frequency sound waves send in ultra-thin slices. Images are crystal clear. You’ll see everything that’s under, starting from timber, rocks, or any other structures in stunning detail.


  • Built-in base map to guide you
  • GPS mapping system makes sure you never get lost
  • 5-inch display with high resolution to give you the amazing picture quality
  • Down Imaging feature shows you what is underneath your boat
  • Digital CHIRP feature gives a wider range of frequencies to work with to reveal even the lake bottom


  • Not the best fish finders for shallow water

2. LUCKY Portable Fish Finder for Recreational Fishing from Dock

Fun fish icons on the screen of this model can even show you how large or small the fish is. With a fish finder this powerful, there is no chance of you missing even a single fish. Each fish icon gives you details on how deep it is in the water as well.

The ability to use this thing on both salty and freshwater makes this the best fish locator under $200. Its depth capacity of 45m allows you to locate fish even at the bottom of the lake. Sonar coverage of 90 degrees also helps you in this department.

Having a fish finder that is lightweight and wireless like this one will be of great advantage to you — no need to worry about carrying extra weight when packing for your fishing trip.

Also, do not worry about moving and setting up the fish finder carefully as there are no wires involved.

This rechargeable locator can also tell you the temperature of the water along with water depth.

You get the freedom of adjusting the sensitivity of the fish finder and also get the option to choose from three color displays; blue, red, and green.


  • Lightweight
  • Wireless operation for up to 100m
  • Depth capacity of 45m to show you the entire lake
  • Fun fish icons tell you fish depth, size, and location
  • Can measure water temperature
  • Works on both fresh and salty water
  • You can adjust the sensitivity
  • Choose from three color display options blue, green and red


  • Might sometimes read moss and seaweed as fish

3. Garmin Striker 4cv with transducer

The ability to mark spots on the fish finder helps you revisit the spots for a second attempt if you want.

As you mark these hot spots on your fish locator, you can easily go back to them if needed. A feature like this could be of great use if you have dropped something in the water or found some more fish you could catch from that area.

The speed and details about your movement are tracked on the device. A high sensitivity GPS shows you your current location and also your previous visits.

With a tool like this, there is no possibility of you losing your way back home.

Garmin’s CHIPR ClearVu scanning sonar leaves no fish to spare. Sound wave readings are so strong that there is no room for inaccuracy.

A 4.9-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels is great for a fish finder at a price like this. You’ll be able to read the screen clearly without having to squint your eyes.

This lightweight and compact fish finder is a great option for beginners as well. Hard buttons on the device make controlling and customizing easy.


  • Small and compact
  • Mark your hotspots so that you can revisit them
  • Check on your speed and movement details
  • High sensitivity GPS to locate where you are
  • 9-inch screen display with 480 x 320-pixel resolution


  • No contouring

4. Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar

This castable fish finder is just what every angler needs! If you are someone who likes to go fishing on a kayak or likes to go ice fishing, worry not cause this fish finder works with both of these.

Floating on top of the water, this lightweight fish finder can tell you the water depth, find hot spots, see fish location and size. You’ll also get information about the underwater life, such as the structure, vegetation, hardness, and contour that might be of use to you. Underwater depth and temperature can also be read easily.

A 55-degree wide-angle and an 18-degree angle balance the frequencies to give you accurate results without any distortion.

The device can scan up to 260 ft down the water level to ensure you get information about all the areas in the lake.

The GPS allows you to review, save, and revisit locations that you have visited before.

This can be quite helpful is you don’t want to move around to find new hot spots.  To make things easier for you to get access to a fish deeper app that allows you to store all your progress to your cloud.


  • Suitable for kayaking and ice fishing
  • Get to know water depth, find hot spots, see fish location and size quicker
  • Scan underwater vegetation, temperature, structure and hardness
  • 55-degree wide-angle and 18-degree narrow-angle to give you images and readings without distortion
  • GPS allows you to save review and revisit saved locations
  • Fish deeper app allows you to save all your progress to your cloud


  • Problem reading in too deep or too shallow areas

5. JOYWEE FF688C 3.5” Phiradar Color LCD Boat Fish Finder 

Great for both amateurs and professionals this JOYWEE Phiradar can be used on any water body, be it a lake, pond, sea or river. You won’t have any problem with different kinds of water depth with this one.  Detect schools of fish in any area.

One of the main problems that fish finders have is being reflective.

This makes reading the device almost impossible in sunlight. A 3.5-inch screen display on this one is sunlight readable and not at all reflective.

No more need to cover the device with your palm or go into a lower lit area to read your fishfinder!

This device also caters to users of all kinds. With the ability to choose from languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, and many more, you can operate this device with comfort.

Dual sonar beam frequency of 200KHz and 83Khz gives you readings without any distortion. When the sound waves hit any material such as grass or underwater vegetation, there is no interference. This can be quite helpful when used in lakes.


  • The battery indicator on screen lets you know when you need to charge the device
  • Dual-frequency of 200KHz and 83KHz gives you zero distortion
  • No interference with underwater grass or vegetation
  • Ability to choose from different languages such as English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Good for both amateurs and professionals
  • The anti-reflective surface makes reading in sunlight easy


  • Not the most user-friendly

6. Humminbird 410170-1 PIRANHA MAX 4 PT (Portable) Fish Finder

You’ve seen us mention Humminbird before in this post. This brand is well known for providing fish finders that last a long time and give more accurate results. The deal is amazing for the price you are getting this at. Humminbird is a brand that has been trusted by fishermen for ages.

The Piranhamax 4 PT is one of the most prestigious ones from humminbird. A dual-beam sonar allows you to choose between a wide and narrow-angle according to the area you are in.

Sometimes a wider angle could distort some locations.

The ability to choose this makes sure that you get the most accurate and precise results.

This works with the generous coverage area to give you details so that you do not miss a single hot spot.

You get a protective case for your fishfinder included with the purchase. Sometimes salt or river water could damage your device and cause you to get inaccurate or faulty results.

To prevent your tool from water damage and any other kind of breakage or harm this soft, sturdy, and thick cover provides protection. Although quite thick, this cover does not get in the way of your operation of the tool.

Tilt and swivel features allow you to quickly change the viewing area. There is no lag. Catch fish quicker than ever before with this model.


  • Dual-beam sonar allows you to get accurate results in any location
  • The thick protective cover prevents any water damage or breakage
  • Tilt and swivel feature allows you to change the viewing area quickly
  • Depth range of 320 ft and 600 ft


  • If not taken out quick enough the sticker on the screen might bond to the plastic

7. Lowrance HOOK2 4X – 4-inch Fish Finder

One of the main struggles customers face when using a fish finder for the first time is getting to know how to use it.

Sometimes the menus and applications on the device might become too complicated for users. If you jump on a boat with a fish finder that you have just bought, chances are you will be spending hours just pressing and adjusting the settings.

To prevent this from happening, the Lowrance Hook2 4X comes in a similar structure to your typical mobile phone.

This is so that you can spend more time fishing and less on getting to know the fish finder better.

Setting this thing up is also no hassle.

This single transducer can be mounted on the trolling motor, inside the hull, or even on the transom. As this device takes very little space, this is the best fish finder for under 200 for kayaks.

A wide double sonar angle gives you double the viewing angle of a typical fish locator. With that, the GPS helps you locate yourself and also add waypoints.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great for beginners
  • Mobile like menu and configuration makes operating the device less confusing
  • GPS helps you add waypoints
  • Can be mounted on any space
  • Small set up space makes the device perfect for kayaks
  • Wide double sonar angle helps you get double the viewing angle


  • Depth reading can sometimes be faulty

8. LUCKY Fish Finder Wired & Wireless Portable Fishing Sonar for All Fishing Types

There are many advantages of using a wireless fish locator. Many of these advantages become limited when the wireless range is low.

LUCKY provides you this fish finder that has a wireless range of 100m. This means that you can walk around your boat without having to lose a connection or get a bad signal.

Although the screen might be a bit too small for some people at 2.8 inches, the LCD screen has 3 color tones; blue, red, and gray.

You can see the details clearly on the screen, even in broad daylight.

A depth capacity of 100m helps you locate more fish.

You can find the water temperature, water depth, bottom contour, and many more things with the help of this tool.

Moreover, the dual sonar angle allows you to find fish in the water of any depth. The two options; 90-degree beam angle in 125KHz and 45-degree beam angle in 200KHz allow you to find fish easier.

Operating this device is as simple as it gets — no complicated setups or adjustments to make. You can use this multipurpose device on kayaks, shore fishing, ice fishing, and your typical boat fishing with ease.


  • 100m wireless range allows you to move around freely
  • Two sonar angles 90 degrees and 50 degrees help you find fish in the water of any depth
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Multipurpose; good for kayaking, boat fishing, shore fishing, and ice fishing
  • 3 tones; blue, red and gray LCD screen


  • The 8-inch screen size might be too small for some people

 9. Docooler Portable 3.5” LCD Fish Finder Outdoor Sensor Fishing Finder Alarm Depth Locator

If you’re looking for a fish finder that works fine for both amateurs and professionals, look no further. With easy setup and accurate readings, this locator is one of the best rated fish finders under 200.

A dual-beam sonar frequency of 200KHz and 83KHz work together to give you correct results in water of any depth. This also helps prevent you from getting false readings from grass when you use the device in lakes.

You can also see what is going on underwater when you use this thing in seas or lakes. Stuff like rocks, grass, vegetation, and sand is visible.

There is a battery indicator on the screen to let you know the battery life so that you are always prepared and never face a dead battery.

800-watt maximum power output and 100 watts maximum RMS power make this quite a durable and high-performance fish finder.

To help you operate this tool better, the device comes with the option to choose from multiple languages such as Dutch, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, and many more. This helps you understand the product better and makes you more comfortable with the device.


  • Easy to operate; no complicated setup procedure
  • The dual-frequency operation helps you find fish in the water of any depth
  • No chances of getting false alarms from the grass in lakes
  • Get a clear view of the underwater world
  • Different languages option such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish and many more to choose from
  • 800-watt maximum power output and 100 watt RMS power
  • High-performance
  • Battery indicator keeps you notified on battery life


  • No water temperature reading

10. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color Virtuview Display

Don’t you just hate it when you get a signal that there is a fish nearby and find out that it was just some grass? False readings are quite common in all fish finders. Even the best of the best sometimes fall short in this department.

This has algorithmic software that helps reduce the chances of getting a false reading — no more false hope, only genuine and accurate results.

When there is a fish nearby, the device will ring an alarm to alert you so that you don’t miss any opportunities.

Among our top fish finders under 200, this one is the most accurate.

This is the best tool anyone determined to catch a lot of fish could have in their bag.

Some of the other cool features that you get with this product are FishArc and FishID finder indicators. HD bottom landscape image, along with the fish depth targeting, makes fishing easier and more fun.

The VirtuView HD color display helps you read the screen in broad daylight thanks to the glare-free feature. LED backlight also gives you great readability in any situation.


  • Glare-free VirtuView HD color screen helps you read in broad daylight
  • The alarm rings to notify you about fish nearby to keep you alert
  • Algorithmic software reduces false readings and inaccurate results
  • FishArc and FishID finder indicators are available
  • Get HD bottom landscape images to make fishing fun and exciting
  • LED backlight helps you see and read the screen in any situation


  • Buttons have to be pushed hard

Things to Consider Before Buying

You should always look out for some common factors that separate your fish finder from the rest. These are features that make a product the best in the market.

youtube credit OutdoorPicked


Portable fish finders are one of the bests because you can take them anywhere you want. There are usually no wires involved, so you need less space as well.

Furthermore, portable fish locators are better for beginners than traditional mounted ones. These are also the cheaper option between the two.

A smaller and more compact tool will be helpful as it won’t take up much space. With all the other equipment that you have to carry, this one shouldn’t be an added weight. So when buying fish finders, compact size and lightweight is preferred.


Fishfinders that have wires connected to them create too much trouble. Getting the wires out of the way so that they do not touch the fish or the water can be hard. This requires you to prep the fish finder before you start to go out and fish.

Wireless finders are easier to work with and do not create a mess. There is no set up involved, and you can just carry the tool in your pocket.


If you travel a lot for fishing, you know how helpful this feature is going to be. No matter what size fish finder you have bought, big or small, hanging the tool upon a kayak or boat is nothing but helpful. You have no extra weight to worry about and can move around freely without the fear of dropping the tool into the water.

Mountable fish finders are therefore loved by people who move around from place to place when fishing, travelers, or for when you are using a rented boat.


A transducer is the main part of your fishfinder. This is the part responsible for sending out and receiving signals throughout the water body to help you find the location of the fish. The machine does so with the help of sound waves.

A lot of factors, such as the counting capability, frequencies, and angles, make a transducer the best.

Check out all the details on the transducer of your product before you decide to purchase a model. Getting a fish finder with a low power transducer will be pointless as you won’t be able to find any fish at all.


The display is where you will get all the information about the location of fish. Getting a fish finder that has a high-resolution display is thus vital. You should be able to see all the details. Make sure your fish locator can show you the details clearly and flawlessly.

Another thing that any fish locator display should have is an anti-reflective surface. This way, if you go out fishing in the day time, the sun won’t cause you any trouble while reading.

A larger screen is also preferred, as it will be better for anyone to see clearly.


You should choose which frequency you want, depending on the location you are in. Water can sometimes absorb higher frequencies. In times like that, a lower frequency locator will be of more help to you. But some of the lower frequency locators have wide angles, which may cause distortion.

Therefore although higher frequencies are not able to penetrate the water at a deeper level, you do get readings that don’t have any distortion.

Cone Angle

The cone angle of your fish finder will decide how deep into the water the sound wave van goes; the deeper, the better.

Products that have wider cone angels will give you better information on where fish is. You’ll also get more information than you would with a locator with a narrow cone angle.  But wider cone angles also mean greater distortion. So sometimes a smaller cone angle can be used if you want more precision.

GPS Integrated

If you were to ask us, this feature is a must-have in any fish locator. A GPS can help you locate where you are and also record your frequent visits so you can save your routes on the device.

This is an incredibly helpful and convenient device to have when you are on a water surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the concept of a fish finder is still new to some of you. To help you out, we have answered some of the most common questions buyers have.

  1. How does a fish finder work?

A fish finder sends out sound waves into the water and then receives signals to locate the position of the fish.

  • How many types of fish finders are there?

Many versions of the fish finder are available in the market. Some of the types include fixed, mounted, portable, wireless, castable, and flasher.

  • Which one should I buy — a lower or higher frequency fishfinder?

Lower frequency fish finders can send signals deeper into the water, but they cause some distortion due to the wider cone angle. Higher frequency fish locators, on the other hand, cannot penetrate the water at a deeper level but have a narrower cone angle.

  • Are fish finders waterproof?

Most fish finders are not waterproof, but the transducers are — as they are mounted below water level a lot of the times.

  • Can I use a fish finder on a kayak?

Yes, you can. Many companies make fish finders specially made to be used on kayaks. But other models that can be mounted can also be used on a kayak.

Final Verdict

Now that you know just how helpful a fish finder is, there is no reason not to get one. These will help you find fish faster, and you won’t have to wait around in the same spot for hours. We hope we could help you find the best fish finder under 200.

We’re sure one of the products that we have mentioned will meet your needs perfectly.


I started this blog to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable fishing experience. It will be my pleasure if you benefited by going through my blog.

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