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Vexilar SP200 fishfinder [ T-Box Smartphone]

Last updated on March 26th, 2024

The Vexilar SP200 is a nice product to have available for finding fish. This unit is compact and is constructed to connect to a smartphone. It is a great device to take on kayaks and smaller size fishing boats. The item is a transducer that can connect to the smartphone wirelessly.

The transducer is compatible with Android and IOS smartphone devices. The transducer can be controlled by using an app. When you log onto the app with the condensed transducer wirelessly connected, you can see the temperature, SONAR, and water depth. This type of data will be transmitted to the smartphone through the app. This type of fish finder needs to be hooked up to a 12-volt battery for power.

If you do not have a power supply for the unit, it will not work. If the transducer is not powered then there won’t be any up-to-date data displayed through the phone. The Vexilar SP200 review will give you an understanding of this item that can enhance your fishing experience.

Unfortunately, this unit didn’t make it in our best fish finder article. But it is still a very good one to review.

Detail Feature Of Vexilar SP200


The Vexilar SP200 is unique because of its compatible design. The transducer can be hooked to a smartphone or tablet. There is no limit on screen size or device. It allows you to see, read, and monitor the data that the item is detecting. This unit provides accurate information while you are traveling in a boat. The small transducer is easy to transport and can be used anywhere.

This product has a creative display feature. When the transducer is wirelessly connected to the phone, it displays the imagery on the screen.

This lets you see the fish without needing any extra bulky equipment. It is a simple unit that is easy to hook up and begin tracking the fish.

The fish locator displays the imagery that is below water and provides you with the perfect fishing expedition.

The Vexilar SP200 transducer works with most screen sizes. The bigger screen size can provide a better visual confirmation with the imagery display.


The item is easy to read and use. Its functionality is compatible with the smartphone or tablet you are using. The only thing that you need to do to ensure the item is working properly is to install and use the app.

The app is what connects to the transducer and relays the data and information back to the phone for you to review. The phone and transducer need to be fully charged. This will reduce any interruptions while you are finding the fish under the water.


The unique smartphone transducer can be used for any fishing adventure. This Vexilar fish finder works great when out fishing in the boat. It can be connected to almost any smartphone and IOS device. A 12-volt battery is needed to charge the transducer for the data to be relayed to the phone. There is a creative feature that lets you scroll up and down without needing to continuously cast to receive accurate data.


There is dual beam technology constructed into this tiny device. It offers a 200 kHz that lets you see under the water. The beam provides a visual of 240 feet below the surface. When you use the Vexilar SP200, you can see where the fish are hiding underwater. It lets you watch your lure go down into the deep water. It shows the fish coming to the lure which provides accurate fish catching ability.


  • The Vexilar SP200 has built-in dual-beam technology
  •  It works with smartphones and tablets
  •  It can read 240 feet underwater
  •  The transducer is hooked wirelessly to your phone or tablet
  •  There is no restriction on screen size compatibility
  •  The item lets you continuously scroll up and down without casting for new readings
  •  It offers a visual display of the lure going into the water
  •  It shows the fish that are swimming to your lure
  • This product works great on fishing boats


  •  The unit has connectivity issues with my IOS phone
  •  The underwater data is lagging when connected to a tablet
  •  It is not functioning properly with the app installed

Frequently Ask Questions:

  • Does the Vexilar SP200 fish finder come with cable and how much?

Yes, it comes with 25 feet of cable for you to use.

  • Is the map function able to be used without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the map can be used without Wi-Fi but you will need to download the maps first.

  • What is the top speed that can be traveled while getting an accurate reading?

The top speed is believed to be approximately 75 mph.

Final Verdict

The Vexillar sp200 fish finder is a unique product to use while fishing. It can be hooked up to a tablet or smartphone. It works flawlessly with any screen size. It is easy to hook up and use with little effort. The transducer relays the imagery and data to the phone that is wirelessly connected. It is important to have a power supply in case the device needs charging.

The transducer is small and compacted but works just like the bigger fishfinder versions on the market. You can view the imagery on your phone while watching the fish chase your lure. The product can display imagery from 240 feet deep underwater.

The Vexilar SP200 review can help you decide if this is the product for you. This is the perfect product to enhance your fishing skills and improve the quantity of the fish you catch.

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