Lowrance Elite 3X Review

Lowrance Elite 3X Fishfinder

Last updated on February 10th, 2024

Due to all of the changes in the latest technologies, people can do things that they could not even dream of. In fact, virtually every industry has been impacted in one way or another, and the advancements have made it much easier for people to be very successful in their efforts.

One area in specific involves the fishing industry since the more recent technologies have made it possible for boatmen to locate fish in the water via the use of SONAR, which is a Sound Navigation and Ranging system.

With the use of Sound Navigation and Range Systems like Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder with 83/200 Transducer, fish can easily be identified underwater without having to wait all day to attract a lot fish. In fact, when the fisherman reaches the best area, all they have to do is drop the bait and then pull up a large load.

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Top Features and the Lowrance Elite 3X Review

Features 1: LED-backlit color display

One of the first features that you should review if you are interested in the Lowrance Elite 3X is the LED-backlit color display.

The makers of this product have designed it with a detailed 320 x 240 resolution, which makes it much easy for the fisherman to see their prey in full sunlight.

This resolution is also great for seeing things from wide viewing angles.

Feature 2: Broadband Sounder

The broadband sounder feature has been designed with a number of different purposes in mind. Some of the more notable consists of identifying fish targets, Meaning the fisherman can focus on the location of the fish that they are trying to catch. This broadband sounder feature has also been designed to identify the immediate area. So, it is great for identifying the bottom hardness, the bottom contour, and the structure in detail.

Feature 3: Bolt-on Bracket

When you buy this device, you will most likely be looking for a place where you secure it. Since people use different types of fishing boats to get to their destination, this factor has to be considered. Therefore, the makers have added a bolt-on bracket that can be used to place it wherever the user desires.

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Feature 4: Dual Frequency

For those fishermen who do not want to go home empty-handed, they are usually interested in dual-frequency. Therefore, dual-frequency has been provided (i.e. 83 or 200 kHz) so that the person will get a good view beneath their boat. Dual frequencies are also great for acting as a backup when there is interference encountered on one.

Feature 5: 200 kHz Frequency Option

If you are a fisherman that uses the drop-shotting technique, you may be pleased to know that the 200 kHz frequency is also available for your use. Particularly, since the 200 kHz frequency option has been made to range up to 20 degrees of conical coverage. As a result, you can benefit greatly from a much improved fish-target separation and lure-tracking.


  • Most users say that it works great and it is an easy clean installation.
  • A user has the capability to see the current voltage so that they know how long the battery will last when out.
  • Great size and weight for use when kayaking.
  • Excellent price for such an advanced system


  • Some fisherman says that this device is too small so they may add at least 1 recommendation to this Lowrance Elite 3X Review.

Frequently Ask Questions:

  • How does this device get its power?

The user will need to hook it up to a 12 Volt battery

  • What is the minimum depth requirement for the water?

3 feet

Yes. Some users say that it works great.

Final Verdict

Overall, this Lowrance Elite 3X Review is ideal for those fishermen who want to do some serious fishing when they hit the waters. It does not matter if the fishing trip is recreational or for business purposes, the features provided in this product are great for identifying specific areas where fish can easily be found. With dual frequencies added, the makers are offering a backup so that everyone can maximize their time out with a successful venture. Most people also like this device because it provides them with a lot of coverage that they can view when they are looking in specific areas.

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