Lowrance elite 4 chirp review

Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Fishfinder [DownScan Transducer]

Last updated on August 15th, 2022

Fishing is never a regular thing. You actually need to steal some of your time from your busy schedule with some necessary gears. And the very first thing that pops up on your mind would be a finder that will help you find the fish. So don’t worry, Lowrance elite 4 has come with all the features that you need for fishing. And the most attractive thing that steals the show is its GPS feature. Yes, it has got both GPS and map features so that you can take your fishing to other levels. Yet before jumping to get one, you need a Lowrance elite 4 chirp review so you can get answers to all of your questions.

Hence we thought to provide you with this Lowrance elite review because it is really important to know every single detail of the device as every single penny is important.

Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Review – Details

GPS Feature and Map

While many of the fishers get upset for not having the GPS in their fish finding device, this device has come to give you good news. If you love to visit the rural or remote places for fishing, and want the GPS feature in your fish finder, you will definitely get it in Lowrance elite 4 chirp.

Hence, this device is all here to provide you with its GPS feature.

Not only that, but you will also get map options so you can navigate to your favorite fish sports.

Additionally, you can keep up to 3000-waypoints with this device for its built-in GPS antenna. So it’s that much smarter than you think.

To add more, it also features NMEA0183 Output and trip calculator to make your fishing more advanced. And you can also create your own map with the sonar data record via using the Insight Genesis.

DownScan Imaging Technology

DownScan is a kind of technology that has the capacity to offer images of the bottom and structures underneath your boat. You can see a crisper image like photos to check out all the activities that are happening down there.

Moreover, it can also detect vegetation, trees, boulders, wrecks, and other waste and is able to create photograph-like 3D images of them.

It is not only functional up to 50 mph can reach up to 250 feet deep. Besides, with the overlay option, the fishers can combine the DownScan images with CHIRP sonar so it can create a single view.

Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)

Advanced signal processing decreases the need for manually changing or adjusting the settings to see the structure, bottom, and fish. It ensures that you get to see the perfect picture to enhance your fishing experience.

Sonar and CHIRP

Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP consists of a CHIRP sonar technology that works great for recognizing and differentiating the bait and game fish targets. Hence you will find it easier to not only target but mark the fishes clearly at up to 50mph boat speeds. While many of the fishers are using a single frequency signal, here the elite 4 CHIRP is able to send multiple frequencies at the same time. Moreover, it lets you see more fish target with less clutter.


Lowrance Elite 4 has an LED-backlit color 4.3 inch 16-bit SolarMax plus TFT Full VGA display. You will find many fish finder who complains regarding the fish finder for not being able to read during the daytime. But with this device, the Lowrance boasts to assure that it can be seen in the daylight smoothly. Moreover, you will find the display big enough for accommodating the Full-Screen Chirp sonar and DownScan Imaging.

Fishy Regarding Waterproof

Although the device is meant to be waterproof as it is bound to work under the water, you might find a con here. However, the device is surely waterproof to some extent as the Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP boast to have this feature. However, some of the fishers got disappointed as some parts got damaged for running under the water for a long time.


  • The GPS antenna helps you with storing waypoints and routes.
  • The display is backlit and you can check out it at direct sunlight.
  • Great use of navigation for multipurpose during fishing.
  • S. Detailed map.
  • The TrackBack function lets anglers to review recorded history.
  • Operating this device is very easy.
  • DownScan can create photograph-like 3D images of anything that it finds the boat.


  • You might not find the device waterproof.
  • People who love widescreen might not like the device as it has small screens.
  • It might get hanged during installation and might not show a screen for a while.
  • Many are not happy with the pickup unit.
  • The instruction that comes with the device is not very clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this have a transducer on it?

A: Yes comes with a Hybrid Dual Imaging Transom Mount Transducer.

Q: Does it come with mounts?

A: It comes with the dash mount.

Q: Does the transducer have to be mounted on the outside of the boat?

A: The transducer is designed to install outside the boat and most of the time it has to be installed at the transom or back of the boat. It comes with mounting hardware to complete such installation.

Q: Does it have a water temperature?

A: Yes it has water temperature.

Q: Can you use the Lowrance Elite 4 chirp for ice fishing?

A: Yes, you can use an external 12-volt battery. Lowrance makes a kit for this purpose.

Q: Can you mount the transducer on the trolling motor with the trolling motor adapter?

A: Yes, you can mount the transducer on a trolling motor with the trolling motor adapter.

Final Words

From the Lowrance elite 4 chirp review, you might have understood that the device comes with user-friendly features and most importantly the GPS one. The GPS and chart plotting is a great help for storing waypoints and routes. Besides, the finder does not only save up your time but also helps greatly to find and target fish so you can have your meal refreshingly after that.


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