Lowrance Elite-7 TI review

Lowrance Elite-7 TI Review [Updated]

Last updated on February 10th, 2024

Most of the fish finders you can find on the market today are pretty similar to each other. And finding the best model for your fishing requirements may be a challenging task. That’s why we are going to present you with something a little bit different. Meet Lowrance Elite-7 TI! It has everything that modern transducers can offer and even something more! If you are sick of the inconvenient fish finders, you definitely should examine this model in-depth. And we will help you with that! Welcome to our Lowrance Elite-7 TI review!

In our review, we will view the great features of Elite-7 TI and discover what makes it an eye-catching fish finder! In addition, we will give answers to some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started with our review of Lowrance Elite-7 TI right now!

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Lowrance Elite-7 TI Review


The first and the most important component of Elite-7 TI is its transducer. It offers great detail in the shallow water and even in depths. Know-how is that possible? The default DownScan transducer operates at 200/50 kHz & 800/455 kHz as well as 500W RMS. If you want balanced detail in any water, Elite-7 TI would be a great model to look into!

If you wish to get a better transducer for Elite-7 TI, there are more advanced Lowrance Totalscan transducers with the StructureScan technology.

GPS & Cartography

With GPS, Elite-7 TI has little to no problems as it will deliver accurate location readings whenever you need them. The GPS system of this fish finder is completed by the preinstalled US base map featuring over 3000 lakes, rivers, and coastal contours of the contiguous US.

The Trackback feature will allow you to review your sonar data at any convenient time. Then, you can mark important points with a waypoint so you know where you should start on your next fishing trip. Speaking of waypoints, Elite-7 TI can store up to 3000 waypoints and 100 routes!

Keep in mind that the included US base maps do not include detailed maps of the US water bodies. Besides, the preinstalled maps do not feature too much map data on territories outside the United States.

So, if you for some reason need additional maps, you can purchase map expansion packs, including Lake Insight, Nautic Insight Pro and HD, Insight Genesis, Navionics Gold, HotMaps Premium, Fishing HotSpots PRO, and Jepessen C-Map Max-N.

A bad thing about this is that you will need to consider expenses on map packs before you buy Elite-7 TI as well.

You don’t necessarily need to upload the maps via a microSD card. With the built-in wireless connectivity, you can access the GoFree Cloud, where you can purchase, download, and immediately use Insight maps as well as third-party maps.


Now, the display is something not so common among fish finders, even within Elite-7 TI’s price range. Its most important feature is that it is a touchscreen! But not only it is convenient, but it also delivers a high-quality image as well!

That’s possible thanks to its high resolution of 800 x 480 and pretty wide color range for a fish finder. The clear backlit display greatly complements the high-performance transducer of Elite-7 TI. You surely won’t miss any reading from the sonar transducer with this display!

Another notable feature of this fish finder is its great user interface. On the bigger display, the small-font readings on temperature, depth, and speed will be both clearly visible and won’t limit the view of the sonar’s readings. Another notable feature is the downloadable regional language pack with 31 languages.

Overall, Elite-7 TI’s display makes this fish finder one of the most convenient models within its price range!


The touchscreen display is the most significant contributor to this device’s easiness of use. Choosing menus and typing text can be done much quicker! The screen should be pretty water-resistant as well, but don’t expect it to survive submersion. But that’s pretty common for most modern fish finders.

The touchscreen received some complaints about its calibration. It may seem a little bit wonky even after you readjust it, but it shouldn’t be too annoying.


  • 200/50 kHz & 800/455 kHz transducer for detail in both shallow and deep water.
  • Accurate inbuilt GPS antenna.
  • Preinstalled US base maps with over 3000 lakes, rivers, and coastal areas of the contiguous US.
  • The Trackback feature allows you to review your sonar data and pinpoint locations.
  • Wide choice of map expansions, which you can install via either your microSD card or the device’s wireless capabilities.
  • High-quality and big touchscreen.
  • Convenient UI.
  • Downloadable language packs.


  • The base maps offer not so much detail.
  • The need of buying additional map packs may really expand your budget.
  • Complaints about the screen’s calibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the manufacturer hasn’t specified the rating on either the product page or the description on Amazon. But according to user reviews, it is as waterproof as other fish finders, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much. But that doesn’t mean that your fish finder will be completely resistant to submersion.

  • Are the features of the touchscreen enough to consider buying this fish finder?

If you are okay with every other feature of Elite-7 TI, why not really think about getting it? The touchscreen adds a lot more convenience to the use of the fish finder. While it is not that necessary, it will certainly help you with surfing through the user interface. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t primarily go for the touchscreen when making your final decision. Don’t forget about more important factors like the frequencies of the transducer.


That’s it for our Lowrance Elite-7 TI review! Did you like the model? It was pretty useful and had unique features like the touchscreen and wireless capabilities! While it generally offers the same as other fish finders, those convenient features can really incline some people towards purchasing this model. And that surely won’t be a bad buy! If you are among those people who liked Elite-7 TI, don’t hesitate and go get it! Happy Shopping!

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