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Best Fishing Rod Tip-Top Need to Know Before Buying

Last updated on October 13th, 2021

Have your fishing rod tip just broken? Do you need to fix this with a new one? This article is going to show you some of the best fishing rod tips. Later we will also tell you how to replace the old one with a new fishing rod tip.

Fishing rod tops have two essential features that you need to know before buying. These are their tube size and ring size. The tube of a rod tip accepts the rod blanks. The tube size means the inside diameter of the tube.

On the other hand, the ring is the part of fishing rod tips into which the fishing line passes through. So, the size of the ring is known as the ring size. The most common ring size is the size 8.0 for freshwater.

And the ring sizes increase for saltwater fishing rods. Here we are going to acquaint you with two of the best brands of fishing rod tips. These are-

#1 Fuji Fishing Rod tips

Fuji rod tips work well for both custom rod constructions and rod repair. In fact, they are well known for being the leading manufacturer of fishing rod components. Now we will show you some best Fuji fishing rod tips.

  • Fuji BLGAT micro tips

These micro tips are the most recent addition to the Alconite line. They have a black stainless frame and a black Alconite ring. They follow the strength and hardness of Silicon Carbide.

They have a ring size of 4.0. This Fuji BLGAR works most suitable with mono, fluorocarbon lines, and braid.

  • Fuji BPOT tips

Fuji BPOT tips are another best type of Fuji fishing rod tips. They have a black stainless steel frame. These tips are available in different sizes.

The 5.0-9.0 sized tips include the ring size of 8. The 10 sized tips have the 10 sized rings, and the 11-12 sized include the size 12 rings.

  • Fuji BMCOT micro tips

These tips are Fuji’s latest aluminum oxide ring and the smallest of BMCOT tips. They are lightweight but offer outstanding performance.

They are famous for their aluminum-oxide rings. They also include a black stainless steel frame. They have a ring size of 4.5.

  • Fuji New Concept Tops Sic, GMLGST

These tips have a stainless steel frame plated with gunsmoke. The rings are stiff and highly polished with silicon carbide (SIC). Different size varieties are available. The 4.0-5.0 sized tubes have size 6 rings.

 The 7.0-8.0 sized tubes have 7 sized rings. Their small sized frame and SIC ring help them offer very high performance.

  • Fuji BFT Alconite Rod tips

These tips reflect the black Alconite New Concept series. They have a ring size of 6.0.

  • Fuji BCLGAT Alconite Rod Tips

Their features are quite the same as the Fuji BMCOT Micro tips. But they have a grey stainless frame and a black aconite ring. And they include 4.0 sized rings.

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#2 Pacific Bay Rod Tips

Now we will show you some best Pacific bay rod tips. They are another well-known brand for fishing rod tips.

  • Berkley SS304BT Black Tips

They can be used as replacement tips for the Berkley, Fenwick, and Abu Garcia fishing rods. They include a black frame. And they have a ring size of 6.0.

  • Pacbay BDPHT Tips

These tips include deep pressed Hialoy rings and a black frame. They are available in different sizes. The 4.0-6.-0 sized tips have a size 6 ring. And tip sizes 7.0-8.0 include a 8 sized ring.

  • BPHT Pacific Bay Tips

These tips are featured with a black stained frame. Size varieties are available. Tips sized 4.5-9.0 have a 8 sized Hialoy ring. Tip sizes 10.0-12.0 include a 10.0 sized ring.

  • Pacbay BDPZT Tips

These tips are featured with recessed Black frames. They include deep pressed Zirconia rings. They have a smooth PVD finish and offer an ideal, durable, and good looking surface. These tips have a ring size of 6.0.

  • Pacbay BFM3XT Micro tips

They have a black stainless steel frame with a silver ring. These micro tips are lightweight. But they are incredibly durable and can work in various applications. They include a ring size of 3.

How to Replace The Old Broken Tip?

Now the question is how to replace the old broken tip. For this, you have to cut the old tip first using large clippers or scissors. It will make the break clean.

Now you have to put a sufficient amount of glue inside the new tip’s ferrule. Then slide the new tip over the broken area. Lastly, you have to hold the two pieces together. After a while, the glue will dry.

In this way, you can replace the old broken tip with a new fishing rod tips successfully. Now get a preferable fishing rod tip for you and try to fix it yourself!

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