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We welcome guest bloggers to our website.

Our target is to provide some of the high-quality fishing stories, fishing trips, freshwater, inshore, deep sea, fly fishing tips, techniques, guides, and resources on the webpage.

If you like fishing and would like to expose your experience and passion with other like-minded people, this is a vast opportunity for your guest article!

If you are a skilled writer or a guest author who is looking to expose your work to a great number of readers, then we will decide your articles for publishing on our site.

Few things you need to know as a contributor:

Word Count:

Article length must be more than 1000 words. although most of our articles are 1100 words or more.

 Articles Tune:

We usually like to read positive and friendly tones, understandable and have a good choice of words.


We publish unique and real articles. We always checked Plagiarism and readability before publishing. Don’t worry, we give you a chance to reconsider.

What we are looking for?

We love articles that grab the attention of every reader. On this page, we welcome articles that discuss tips and suggestions on improving fishing skills. Everything about fishing and outdoors is suggested.

We would like to take photos from you that can relevant to your article.

Article evaluation

Below is a checklist before the article is created and submitted.

1. the title must be engaging and attractive.

2)  Speech should be inspiring and informative.

3.  Use the right words

4) Our article should be grammatically correct.

5. The topic is relevant to our website’s aims and objectives.

6.  The article is helpful for the target audience.

7. Content must be written with a keyword in mind, no fluff allowed.

8.100% plagiarism-free.

9. No spun content in your content.

10. No self-promotion, the link must be on-topic and fit naturally.

11. To add pictures or videos.

As a contributing writer, you can include relevant links to support your post. We do not allow to link any suspicious source or industry such as casinos, pay-loans, pornography, gambling, dating, bating, lottery, etc. Our editorial staff reserves the right to remove any links before or after publication.

If you are interested, pitch your article to [email protected].

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