Can You Use Goldfish as Bait?

Can You Use Goldfish as Bait?

Last updated on February 14th, 2024

A goldfish is a type of freshwater fish usually kept indoors and it’s the very most popular type of aquarium fish. Some goldfish that have been liberated among the wild have become an intrusive pest in North America particularly Paris. So, can you use goldfish as bait?

Legal or Illegal Use Goldfish as Bait

Goldfish is illegal in some states and legal in other states it entirely depends on the state you live in. Though it’s illegal to use goldfish in most states most people still prefer to use it over other ways of fishing.  Using goldfish is illegal majorly because of its hazardous effects to the environment and eco-system: that’s they can outdo the native species.

Reasons why someone would use Goldfish as Bait?

  • They’re gleaming

Goldfish are very shiny and they glitter from afar. Fish are known to be inarticulate that is they pursue whatever that glitters. Fish are well known for biting glittering things and goldfish are perfect for that skinny effect because of their appearance.

  • They’re cheap and effortless to get

Goldfish are relatively presumed to be cheap compared to other means of fishing. They usually cost 31cents on average each.

  • They Last Long

Compared to minnow’s goldfish are said to be more long-lasting. They really last long compared to any other means of fishing because of their nature.

Disadvantages of using Goldfish as Bait

Despite all these advantages, there are also some disadvantages of using goldfish as bait over other things.

  • It’s illegal

Anything that is illegal is dangerous to the person using it because it may lead to serious repercussions. A person can also face legal measures for doing unlawful acts and this may lead to someone incurring extra costs which could be avoided if someone uses other types of baits

  • Goldfish Are Foreign Species

Anything of foreign genus introduced to an ecosystem can be very risky to the original species. They can even outdo the native species and eventually extremity them out of the environment.

  • Goldfish can Cross Breed with Native Species

If by any mistake even one goldfish gets away it can crossbreed with the common carp.      

Their offspring may continue breeding and with time they might even outnumber the ancient species. This can make the number of goldfish is very high which is dangerous to the environment.

  • Goldfish present Diseases, Bacteria, and even Parasites

Diseases introduced by goldfish can adversely affect other creatures in co-existence with them. They can present a number of bacteria including koi herpesvirus. This disease can affect the native ancient creatures and even threaten their existence in the ecosystem.

Other than goldfish baiting there are better ways of fishing, there are a variety of options baits that you can use instead of goldfish. You can even opt to use worms that are less risky and are eco-friendly.


There are many types of baits that can be used in fishing other than the use of goldfish. However, fishing using goldfish is not really illegal in some States, it’s not really advisable to use bait. To help preserve the environment it’s just better not to use it. Also, the disadvantages associated with using goldfish as bait are very high compared to the advantages.  The risks involved in using goldfish as bait are also very high.

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