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Humminbird Ice 55 Fish finder

Last updated on August 15th, 2022

If you are one of those peeps who are into ice fishing and loves to poke the fish through the ice then this is an article for you. Because we will be talking about such a device that is not only a gumshoe but also will help you attack the fish. So now you can actually guess that what will be reviewing about- A fish flasher. And whenever you think of a fish flasher, there is one brand that might pop up onto your mind and that is Humminbird. This brand has gifted us many detective devices be it a finder or flasher. So we thought to review one of their models that have got much hype among the fishers. And we got this ice 55 so we can highlight the features for you that it has got. Thus we made sure that you get to know everything about the device as you dive into the Humminbird ice 55 reviews.

Humminbird Ice 55 Reviews-in Details

6 Color Screen:

One of the reasons to come with Humminbird ice 55 reviews is its 6 color screen display. The cool thing about the ice 55 is it consists of a 6 color fiber-optic flasher display. With this, you can adjust your color pallet for differentiating the depths and adjusting the lightning that can meet your needs.

Moreover, this guy features a 5 inch HD display.

Its ultra-high-resolution screen is always there to help you read the tiniest of details at ease.

And as the display is backlit so cannot only read the details under the bright sunlight but also at night. Its crisp display is surely something that you should check out.

Frequency Be Dual

The ice 55 has selectable dual-frequency sonar so you can dip it into the water anytime to start your fishing game. Once the transducer is submerged it will start to do its job so that it can provide you all the details that are happening down there.

Although many of the users are not happy with the design of the transducer for its double system cable. The cables are connected via rubber clips and have chances to get separated from one another.

Moreover, its 200 depth capability is another cool feature of the ice series. While the 19 degree creates the widest cone at 455 kHz frequency, the 9 degree creates the narrowest cone at 240 kHz.

Additionally, it consists off our depth scales in manual mode and seven adjustable depth scales in auto modes from 20 feet to 200 feet so you set the web according to your wish. Not only that, but its automatic depth scale also helps you identify the bottom of the water that does half of the fish work for you.

Zoom and Magnify

Another super cool feature for which we did this review is its zooming capacity. This option of ice 55 lets you see everything in a zooming view. So, adjusting the zoom will show the water column with precise detail and will also provide you the details of the different sizes of the fish.

Additionally, the flasher has the ability to find and report the lake bottom no matter what the temperature is so that it can give you the detail you want. So, you can thank its extreme-temperature LCD technology that does such a job for you. Not only that, but the best part is also it has a big deal that gets your eyes easy to read on whole day fishing.

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10-Step No Obstacles

The ICE 55 features Interference Rejection technology with 10 steps adjustment. It helps to knock out interference from anything roaming under the water. Hence, it means that it will let you differentiate fish from other obstacles that appear near the device.


You will get the charging power lead with the device so you can plug it into most power points. It’s a powerful device that tends to work with 1600 watts peak to peak power.

So it ensures that the transducer can pick up more details with more clarity. Moreover, this device comes with a life expectancy of about 9 hours with an indicator on the device to help you check out how much strength is left.


  • Fishers can check out any part of the water column in full detail.
  • It works at the coldest temperature.
  • The zoom option will let you see everything in a magnified view.
  • It comes with a big dial.
  • 5 inch HD display helps you read the details easily.
  • The display is backlit so you can read under any lighting condition.
  • 7 auto mode and 4 manual mode depth scales.
  • 10-step interference rejection.
  • Get a carrying case with the device.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this unit come with an instructional DVD?

A: No, it comes with a manual that has the setup instruction or you will find many videos on YouTube that show you how to run and fine-tune it.

Q: Does ice 55 comes with six color screen display?

A: Yes, it comes with 6 color screen display.

Q: Will the transducer read depth through the ice?

A: it depends on the thickness of the ice. You would still need to have a little water with you, pour it on a surface of ice from your minnow bucket, and set the transducer in it. It will give you a rough reading thru the ice

Q: Does it come with a carrying case?

A: Yes, you will get a carrying case with the device.

Q: Does it come with a battery charger?

A: Yes it comes with a battery charger.

Final Words

These weren’t only Humminbird ice 55 reviews but a deconstruction of the device. We tried to ensure that you know everything about the flasher so you can decide while picking one up for you. And as Humminbird has gone above and beyond with their ICE series, you can think of checking out this cool device from the brand.

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