Humminbird Fishin Buddy Max Review (Before You Buy)

humminbird fishin buddy max review

Humminbird has always been one of the most reliable brands to deliver fish finders for all the fishers. And their buddy max model is becoming a favorite device for fishing among the people. Although the unit lacks many advanced features, yet its simplicity and basic features are the reason that won the heart of the people. Not only that, but the unit also functions really well to impress you with fishing. So how about we come up with a Humminbird fishin buddy max review so that you also know more regarding the feature that it carries. And if are looking for a finder from the brand, then this fishin buddy max review can be a great help for your quest.

No Down Imaging Sonar, No Temperature Sensor

Two of the most upsetting things about the Humminbird fishin buddy max is that you will not find any down imaging sonar feature in this unit. This means that it lacks the facility to deliver images of the bottom underneath your boat. Another one is the absence of a temperature sensor.

Dual Beam Sonar Be a Rescuer:

Humminbird fishin buddy max comes with DualBeam sonar. And the beam roams around at two frequencies: one is 200 kHz and other is 455 kHz. Moreover, you will also find the transducer basic that comes with the unit.

As the sonar is only DualBeam, it is able to use one frequency at the time only.

Moreover, It also doesn’t have CHIRP technology.

But, it still manages to deliver a decent target separation, that helps in keeping track of the bottom and identify the fish targets.

Besides, it uses two conical beams with a depth capacity of 600 feet, one of 16 degrees for 455 kHz, and one of 28 degrees for 200 kHz.

However, as the unit does not own DualBeam Plus sonar, you will not get the SwitchFire function. But there are other useful sonar functions that come with the unit and these are Structure ID, Selective Fish ID and three types of alarms.


Selective Fish ID is a function that replaces the fish arches with fish icons and each of them will have its current depth that will be shown next to it. Although, the feature might misinterpret the vegetation with the fish and end up showing the fish icon to the display. Hence, you must check out every time whether the device detects the fish or the objects.

On the other hand, Structure ID is a function that represents the strong returns as dark pixels while the weak returns will be lighter. And you will also find a WhiteLine function that highlights the strongest sonar returns in white and these results in a more distinctive bottom contour.

Ding Dong:

You will find three alarms in the unit and these are Fish Alarm, Depth Alarm and, Battery Alarm. The Battery alarm dings when the battery is equal or lower than the setting. As for the Fish Alarm, it will ring when the finder senses fish targets that match up to a specific size. And lastly, the Depth alarm that dings when the depth is equal or lower than the selected value.

Mounting kit

The Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy MAX features a different type of mounting kit than the other devices. The unit has a tilt and swivels mount, and it is designed to attach it to the included 24 inches fixed pole.

Little Display:

The device comes with a 256 color range and 3.5-inch diagonal color display. It features a pixel resolution of 240H x 320V. You will find the display backlit with 5 levels of brightness so you can fish at any time you want. But as you can see the display is pretty small, it might annoy you at some point of fishing.


  • There are three alarms in the unit.
  • Selective Fish ID helps in recognizing the fish to let you know the presence of fish.
  • Structure ID represents the strong and weak returns of the sonar.
  • The finder is waterproof, so it will not get damaged and leave you upset.
  • You will find the display backlit with 5 levels of brightness.


  • No down imaging sonar, no temperature sensor.
  • The Selective Fish ID might misinterpret other bits and pieces as fish and notify you with the fish icon.
  • It doesn’t have CHIRP technology.
  • It comes with a very small display.
  • It does not have additional functions.
  • There is no GPS feature with the unit.
  • There is not the SwitchFire option in this unit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this model have sidescan?

A: No, it does not have side scan.

Q: Does this come with a handle to turn it?

A: No, it doesn’t come with a handle to turn it. It includes a base so you can tighten to the side of the boat. The display and sensor are built into one piece. So you just need to put it into the base and turn to lock slightly into place.

Q: How long is the transducer shaft?

A: The Fishin’ Buddy MAX features DualBeam sonar with 2400 Watts PTP power output and comes with the 24-inch Fixed pole.

Q: Can you use this for trolling?

A: Yes, you can use it for trolling yet you might find it hard to troll with this unit.

Q: Can you run the fishfinder and trolling motor on the same battery?

A: The fish finder runs on AA batteries and they are very long lasting. But you need to purchase AA rechargeable so you will always have power.

Final Words

Thus, from the Humminbird fishin buddy max review, you can see that although it does not have many features that will help you fish, yet its basic features are strong enough to notify you of the presence of them. Starting from its great functionality to its alarm system, it has all the basic features that you need for fishing. Hence, if you are looking for that ideal fish finder to fish, then this can be a great pick for you.



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