How to Choose the Best Fish Weighing Scale? [7 Tips]

For fishing enthusiasts, your fishing buddies have probably called you several times bragging about their catch. However, some only estimate the weight of their catch, especially if they don’t have the right fish weighing scale. To prevent doubts about your catch, get a fish weighing scale, and you will always have accurate fish weight.

Whether you are fishing for sport or recreation, weighing the fish is important. The information helps the government to track, record, and manage fishing activities. The date also provides information about the environmental condition, diet, and population size.

The market has a wide range of fish weighing scales. It can be challenging to find the right one if you are a beginner. I have given you a complete guide so that you have all the information you need when buying a fish scale. Read on for more buying tips.

What Exactly Is A Fish Weighing Scale And Who Needs It?

A fish scale is a tool used to measure the weight of the fish. You can get it as stainless steel pan used for commercial purposes or a hook where you attach to the gills of fish. The scales have a water-resistant casing, which makes it easy to clean. The type of scale you need to use depends on the size or the quantity on the fish you want to weigh.

People who sell fish are the ideal users of fish scale. Hanging scales are common among competitive anglers, while recreational anglers mostly use scales to measure the weight of the fish. Other people who are interested in using fish scales are conservationists as well as hobbyists.

How to Choose the Best Fish Weighing Scale

Having a fish scale is important. However, you don’t need to pick any model that you come across. You need to consider several essentials things to help you get the most suitable scale. The following are some of the top considerations you should have in mind.


The display is another essential thing that you should consider when buying a fish scale. You should be able to read clearly even in bright and cloudy conditions. Most of the fish scales have large LCD screens, and others have backlit functions to help you read under different conditions.

The screens also come in different backgrounds such as light blue, black, dark blue, gray, and green. You need to choose the one that fits your needs well.


When it comes to power, you can either choose a digital scale or analog. If you chose analog scales, then you don’t need a source of power. But if you choose digital scales, then you need to think about the source of power. Most digital scales operate on various types of AAA batteries.

The batteries feature a power-saving mode to ensure they last longer. Some scales run on 9-volt battery, and others use two AA batteries. It is essential to look for a scale that automatically turns off, so you do not often buy batteries.

Again, you should always check the level of the battery before you head to the waters. The last thing you want to find your digital scale doesn’t have sufficient batteries, and you already have a big catch.

Quality and Durability

When buying any product, you will definitely get what you pay for. You don’t have to buy cheap product that will break easily when you measure your fish. Aim for a high-quality product so that you can enjoy many years of great services. Also, check if the product is made of high-quality materials.

You will be subjecting your fish scale to various conditions outdoors. Therefore, select a durable product. It should withstand the marine environment, bangs and dropping without getting damaged.


How do you intend to use the fish scale? Do you want to use it for commercial purposes or for recreation? You need to understand the purpose to get the right scale. For instance, if you want it for commercial selling, then select a scale that is trade approved. It should also have a light weighing capacity and big pan to weigh a larger amount of fish at once.

On the other hand, if you are a recreational angler who wants to know the size of your catch, you need a scale that is suitable for riversides and lakes. A hinging scale works better for such situations.

Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the scale? This is another top thing that you should remember. If you plan to use the scale often, get an expensive model with quality construction. It will last longer and withstand heavy use. Such scales also come with additional features to enhance the weighing process.

But if you want a scale for occasional use, a cheaper model will work fine. You can even choose to buy a multi-purpose model to suit your needs.

Gripper Handles

This is an important part of the fish scale, and it should be perfectly made. It can be uncomfortable to use if there is too much weight at the end of the scale. Also, you don’t want a scale that will hurt your hands when you are holding it. Get a fish scale with a rounded steel handle, but you can also get one with rubber handles. It all depends on what you want.

Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on the fish scale? You need to set a budget to help you determine if you can afford the scale or not. Do not buy a scale that is not within your budget limits. Make sure the one you choose has the right features, and it is within your budget.

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Final Words

Fish weighing scales are essential for all anglers. It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist or a commercial fisherman. We all want to know the weight of our catch without guesses. Also, look for a fish scale that is easy to clean. After checking the above tips, I hope it will be easier to get the right fish weighing scale available today. 

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