How Deep to Set Jug Lines

How Deep to Set Jug Lines?

Last updated on February 14th, 2024

Jug lines use lines suspending from floating jugs to catch fish. It will be perfect to set jug lines about six or six feet at the bottom. Adjust line length to extend two or three feet below the surface. This is to keep the rig suspended off the bottom. When fishing use stainless steel circle hooks for they do not rust. They are also strong meaning that they can catch big fish. The lines on the jug should be long and bait down to deep waters so that they catch fish.

Process of Setting Up Jug Lines

The water levels and depths always vary so when setting up jug lines to fish you can set them in water depths of about twelve to twenty-five feet deep. For traveling catfish, jug lines can be laid at eight feet down, or three feet down in locations where schooled shad can be seen at or on the surface.

The depth of a jug line can change depending on the temperature of the water. The shallower the jug lines can be placed, the warmer the water temperature. When the temperatures are cold then the jug lines can be set deep down, if the shad is viewed on the surface whether the water temperatures are cold or warm. Mostly the shad are viewed in conditions where the water temperatures are warmer.

When setting up jug lines in a river use a depth finder and identify the depth of the waters and see where shad are concentrating on a river channel. If the jugs are on the edge of the channel, then the wind blows and it will be over the river channel. The catfish love being on the river channel for the waters are warmer here. The jug lines can be put on bend areas so that they get the catfish in those areas.

How to Make Jug Lines

When jug fishing, it’s crucial to have a strong line. In brush and rocky places, jug lines can easily become tangled, severing or cutting low line strengths. A nylon or braided line with a test strength of thirty to over a hundred pounds is ideal. Heavy-duty octopus circular hooks are highly rated and suggested for use with live or chunk bait.

Most varieties of jug fishing for catfish use hook sizes ranging from 2/0 to 6/0. It is better to conduct fishing using jug lines at night. This is because the boat traffic is minimal and so the jug lines will be left isolated and will attract a catfish more easily. Night fishing is likely to get you more catfish as compared to day fishing when the water is not calm and there is a lot of movement.


The use of jug lines is a method of fishing that is best suited for catfish. To fish up to 50 jugs, you’ll need a permit (50 jug limit). Each jug must display the licensee’s name and customer ID number. Residents who help jug permit holders do not need a jug permit.

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