How Much Line to Put On a Baitcaster?

Having everything work out perfectly whenever you are on a fishing escapade is all you can wish for. Being able to manage the amount of line on your Baitcaster reel gives you an advantage. So, where do you draw the line between too little or too much fishing line? 

It is recommended that you put enough line on your Baitcaster reel until you have 1/8 of an inch between the spool edge and the line. 

Several factors will determine how much line your Baitcaster reel can handle.

Type of Baitcasting Reel

There are two types of Baitcasters. There is the round Baitcasting reel, also referred to as usual. It has a larger spool. These allow you to put more lines on the Baitcaster. They allow you to cast as far as you like. The only disadvantage that comes with a long line is backlash. On the other hand, your cast rarely gets cut short due to a short fishing line.

The second type is the low-profile Baitcasting reel. This is the more popular type as it is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and ergonomic. They can hold fewer lines compared to the usual type. The shorter the line, the less the line twist you get to have.

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Baitcaster Size 

The smaller size Baitcasting reels can hold fewer pounds of fishing line. The larger the Baitcaster, the heavier the fishing line weighs. These heavier lines allow you to catch big fish. But they take up more space due to their thick diameter making them shorter.

For example, if you have a large reel, it can hold 300 yards of braided line. If the reel is small and the braided line thick, it can fit less than 100 yards.

 We cannot provide you with exact sizes as they differ depending on different brands. 

Type and size of fishing line

For fishing lines, keep in mind that the best lines are slightly thick, not too thin. If the fishing line is thick, there is no doubt that the line is shorter. Note that some of the types are strong, even with a thinner diameter.

 Therefore, depending on the brand you are choosing, you can get a thick yet strong line that is short. Or you can get a thin and strong fishing line that will be longer. For example, the braided type line is equally as vital as monofilament, but it is thinner.

It is important to note that Baitcasters are not made to hold thin and small lines below a 10-pound test line.


Your budget also determines how many lines you can put on a Baitcaster. If you have more than enough to go for a longer and more robust line, I would highly recommend you do so. What if your budget only allows for a shorter line? You can use a cheap line to get started, then top it off with a good line. This will give you some good enough line that is still strong. 


It is hard to specify how many lines you can put on a Baitcaster with all the different factors you have to consider. The factors listed above will help you narrow down on what you need to know. You can then decide on how much line you get to use on your Baitcaster.

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