Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Review

Humminbird piranhamax 197c review

Fishing is never for the people having the least level of patience. All of you who have mastered the world of fishing with patience can relate to it, like literally! And no reward can provide much happiness to those people that a fish finder can, as they deserve to own one. So with our Humminbird piranhamax 197c review, we will try to deconstruct every element of the device.

Since Humminbird is a popular brand itself, so its products deserve all the recognition among the fishermen. We hope this Humminbird piranhamax 197c review benefit you in your hunt. So let’s start the write with its features.

Humminbird Piranhamax 197c — Features in Details

Beam Team

You will not find the piranhamax slouch in the sonar department. The finder features a humble 1600 watts peak to peak power that will let you track down to almost 600ft deeper. Moreover, talking about its transducer, it uses a DualBeam sonar frequency that comes in 200/455 kHz. Not only that, its remarkably sharp readings will just be there to impress you. Additionally, its cone of the upper-frequency band happens to reach out to nearly 16 degrees and 28 degrees as for the lower one. With this, it will provide a view that will let you know what’s going on below the blue waves.

However, the absence of further specialized readings might upset you. Yet, it does a great job at the primary level at least.

Fish Attendance via ID+

This is the most interesting part of the Humminbird piranhamax 197c review. The device consists of some great functions like the Fish ID+. It helps you with representing the fish through small fish icons so that you can know that the fishes are around.

Although it is a great feature that makes your job easier, yet it can also mislead you at some point. The Fish ID+ might confuse itself via misinterpreting various other targets like suspended vegetation or debris and end up showing the fish icon. However, it is still a very useful function that fishers can have.


Sonar Sight:

This is the key function of the finder that does the main job actually. With the bottom view, it will track down the sonar view into the bottom. The best thing to get a better view of the fish that are almost closer to the bottom is to use this function with Fish ID+. Not only that, it consists of another function which is Structure ID.

This feature tends to represent the strong returns as dark pixels while the weak returns will be lighter. Moreover, it also comes with a WhiteLine feature that helps to highlight the stranger returns in white resulting in a distinctive outline that benefits you with displaying a clearer view of the bottom.


The Buzzer:

The Humminbird piranhamax 197c features 3 alarm functions. The Battery alarm dings when the battery is equal or lower than the setting. As for the Fish Alarm, it will ring when the finder senses fish targets that match up to a specific size. And lastly the Depth alarm that dings when the depth is equal or lower than the selected value.


About the Pixel

The display of the PiranhaMAX 197c comes in 3.5 inches with a resolution of 320×240. And this is where you will find a con regarding the finder. With its smaller screen, it still manages to show up with a 256 color display. Additionally, it also comes with an LED backlight that helps you read it in any lighting condition- be it during the day or at night.


  • The fish finder is absolutely waterproof, thus it will not get damaged and leave you upset.
  • The Screen is clear with bright colors.
  • It comes with a backlit display, so you can read it in any lighting condition.
  • It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • The alarms help greatly in providing you with all the notification.
  • It has a great depth capability.
  • The Fish ID+ lets you know about the presence of fish around your web.
  • It is fairly affordable.



  • The finder comes with a smaller display.
  • It does not have additional functions.
  • There is no upgrade option.
  • There is no unit cover.
  • There is no GPS or modular software here.
  • It does not show battery voltage on the main screen.
  • You might find the display too bright at night, even if you set the light to the lowest.
  • The Fish ID+ might misinterpret other bits and pieces as fish and notify you with the fish icon.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the transducer be mounted in the hull?

A: No it must be mounted on the transom outside the boat to get the angle right.


Q: What are there in the Box?

A: You will get an amounting bracket, PiranhaMax display, installation hardware, a Transom mount transducer and the owner’s manual in the box.


Q: Does it operate on board deep cycle battery?

A: It is connected to on board 12volt system that delivers power to all aspects of the boats’ 12volt systems. So, yes, it will work with deep cycle battery like any other 12volt accessory will.


Q: Is the transducer stainless steel?

A: No, it is epoxy and the bracket is stainless with stainless screws.


Q: What is a build in transducer?

A: Usually the transducer is built into the haul in a fiberglass boat for the best reading. Fiberglass contains air bubbles in it and provides the transducer a false reading if you do not install it correctly.


Concluding the Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Review With:

However, the overall on the Humminbird piranhamax 197c looks a little bleak when it comes to technology and additional features. Yet, the finder manages to do a great job in its basic features. It does not only help you with finding the fish but also saves a lot of your time in fishing.

Besides, it has the ability to impress the fishers with the features that this finder contains Not only that, it is also a great finder for the price. So, if you are looking for such finder, this Humminbird piranhamax 197c review is solely for you.

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