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Marcum LX7 Review [ Ice Fishing Sonar ]

Last updated on February 10th, 2024

Love ice fishing and looking for a great fish finder to go angling with? Let us present you with Marcum LX-7, one of the best-advanced ice fish finders you can find! It is a perfect model for professional fishers and skilled fishers alike. But let us present you with the features of LX-7 first. Welcome to today’s Marcum LX7 review!

Here, we will examine all the good (and the bad) of this fish finder as well as will try to give you a clear idea of what this device is capable of. We will give answers to a couple of frequently asked questions as well!

Let’s waste time no longer and dive into our Marcum LX-7 review!

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In Details- Marcum LX7 Review 


Marcum LX-7 features a dual-beam transducer with 8- and 20-degree beams. Unfortunately, there is no official data on the operating frequencies of the sonar transducers online. The manufacturer states that with the 600W RMS and 4800W PTP sonar engine, the transducer is capable of spotting targets at “any depth”.

That’s probably not entirely true, but this fish finder’s sonar should be capable of spotting fish in most of the water bodies you will be angling in. Whatever the depth is, the max depth range available in the fish finder is 300ft, which probably is its depth capability.

The default transducer doesn’t deliver readings on temperature, but if you need them, you can get the optional High-Speed Transducer.

Fish Detection

The sonar transducer of Marcum LX7 is capable of spotting targets with ½” separation. That means that it will show well-distinguished markings of targets in the water.

The easiness of fish detection is possible not only thanks to the high-performance sonar transducer but the inbuilt screen of LX-7 as well, which we will cover a little bit later.

Overall, LX-7 will provide you with one of the best-in-class fish detection capabilities, so if you are looking for an especially sensitive device, this model is an ideal pick for you.


It’s time to examine the screen of Marcum LX7, one of the most important features of the fish finder. At its basics, the display offers 8 inches of size and a resolution of 800 x 600. It is a critical component that will allow you to clearly differentiate between fish targets regardless of their size.

The display features a digital flasher with color-coded indicators, which can provide you with info on the size and depth of the fish target. You can choose between 4 color palettes – two three-color, one six-color, and one gray-scale. With the six-color scheme, you will be able to get in-depth info on the size of the fish. Besides, the exceptional target separation will be visible with the six-color palette especially clearly. You can be sure that small fish won’t get lost among bigger fish and that you will be able to distinguish between your targets without too much effort.

On the screen, you will see info on the chosen depth range, sensitivity, interference rejection (IR), gain, and the current voltage. You can see data on the fish targets via vertical zoom, flasher-dial, water column vertical, and traditional widescreen graph displays. The vivid display of Marcum LX-7 is something that most of the models of ice fish finders don’t have. But most importantly, it makes fishing extremely easy and convenient!

By the way, the screen has a Night-Vis backlight to keep it clear even in darkness.

As for the downsides, there have been some complaints about the anti-glare capability of the screen. It is not as good under sunlight. Otherwise, the built-in LCD screen is one of the best on the market!


As you would expect from an ice fish finder of this level, Marcum LX-7 features quite serious adjustability capabilities. Below the display, there is a set of buttons, including power, sensitivity, zoom, cone angle, range, IR, target adjust, and menu.

With a wide range of settings, you can deeply customize this fish finder to make it the most convenient for your needs and fishing conditions. You can adjust sensitivity to see smaller fish, zoom in to get a better view of tiny targets, switch between the cone angles, adjust the level of IR, change the color palette of the target indicators, and much more.

Thus, Marcum LX7 is one of the most widely adjustable and convenient ice fish finders you can find out there. That’s not that surprising as this model is not exactly affordable. It will be a great pick for more advanced anglers who love ice fishing!


  • Dual-beam sonar transducer with ½” target separation.
  • 20- and 8-degree beams.
  • LX-7 is exceptionally good at spotting tiny fish.
  • The high-definition color LCD display will help you easily distinguish between targets regardless of their size.
  • 4 user-selectable color palettes for target indicators.
  • A variety of windows deliver data on target allocation.
  • Night-Vis backlight to help you keep track of your targets in dark areas.
  • Convenient controls.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery with a charger.
  • Widely adjustable.


  • Complaints on the visibility of the screen under sunlight.
  • The default transducer delivers no temperature data.
  • No official info on the frequency and max depth of the transducer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this fish finder come with GPS?

No, it does not. You generally won’t find an ice fish finder with an inbuilt GPS. In addition, they don’t even support them in the first place.

So what’s the max depth of LX-7?

No official info on that, but the max depth range set on the device goes up to 300ft.

Can you spot fish through the ice?

Only if the ice is clear and there is no air between the transducer and ice as well as between the ice and the water. But you won’t get as great results as through an ice hole.


That concludes our ultimate Marcum LX7 review. One of the best ice fish finders out there is before you. You should now know everything necessary to be able to make your final choice. Will this fish finder be the one you will buy without hesitation? The answer is up to you! If you find that this model is a great suit for all of your needs and you don’t seem to have any doubts, maybe you should seriously think about getting Marcum LX-7!

We wish you have a nice purchase! Read our another Marcum lx9 review.

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