How to fish from an inflatable kayak

How to Fish From an Inflatable Kayak

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

After five days of non-stop work, you’re ready to enjoy your weekend. So you decide to go out fishing and grab your fishing rod and hook. But as soon as you reach your boat, you realize that your boat ran out of diesel. This will give you nothing but a headache.

Sometimes, these flatboats can be very annoying, and that’s when you’ll feel the need to get an inflatable kayak. I know you might start asking me, “Can I really fish from an inflatable kayak?” or “Is it even possible to fish from an inflatable kayak?” 

Don’t worry. We’ve got all your answers

What you shouldn’t do while fishing from an Inflatable Kayak

An inflatable kayak is like a simple mini boat, but if you’ve never gone fishing with an inflatable kayak, then here is some advice for you.

Don’t Puncture 

Fishing equipment contains many materials such as hooks, lures, and knives, which can be sharp and puncture your kayak. Not just equipment, but even some fish have sharp fins and teeth, which can also get you into trouble. 

To avoid issues like these, you can simply carry a towel and place your fish and equipment on it. Also, you can keep away unnecessary gears in your bags instead of spreading them on your boat. 

Don’t overfill your kayak

The inflatable kayak is a one-person fishing boat, not a storeroom. Yes, fishing requires a lot of equipment, but you have bags and a bucket for that. Once you get in the kayak, don’t go and put everything in it; instead, keep everything in your bag. 

Don’t take unnecessary gear; just keep the important ones closer to you so you can reach out to them while you fish. Instead of a bucket, you can attach a stinger to the back of your kayak. 

If you can utilize the existing features of your kayak then you won’t need anything else.

Managing Paddle and Rod

Once you’re geared up, you’ll just need to find a suitable fish to start fishing. The next possible problem you’ll face is to place your rod while you begin fishing. If possible, try creating a DIY rod holder.

If you think that you can manage your fish, rod, and paddles simultaneously, then you’ll end up flipping yourself and the kayak. You either hold on to your rod and paddle or grab fish in one hand and paddle with another hand. That’s how it’s done. 

Dealing with Drifting 

If you want to keep your Inflatable Kayak in fixed places, you can try using natural anchors or position it next to objects such as logs or a bunch of lily pods. You can also create a DIY anchor and set it up on each side of your inflatable kayak and attach it to keep it in place.

If you can’t avoid drifting, then try to position your inflatable kayak sideways so you can resist the wind and waves and drift slower. 

Special Add Ons for your Inflatable Fishing Kayak 

Your default inflatable kayak already has some useful features for you to go fishing, but if you feel that it’s not enough, then you can simply add extra features to it. 

Plastic Substance 

You’ll find your inflatable kayak equipped with plastic materials that are durable and thick. But if you want an upgrade, then you can add more layers of plastic materials that are thicker. This will allow you to store more components, such as fish fins, lures, hooks, etc. 

Paddle and Rod Stand

Managing the rod, paddle, and fish can be a severe headache, and we’ve already talked about it. But this exclusive attachment can be a lifesaver. 

Suppose you’re fishing and feel that you’ve caught a big one. The stand will help you place your paddle on the side and your rod on the front or back. This way, you can free your hands anytime and focus on catching your fish. 

Storage Facility

An inflatable kayak doesn’t let you place much equipment on it, so you have to compromise and pick the important ones. But don’t worry, you can now add additional storage to your inflatable kayak.

You might need extra equipment and also sharp materials. To place them, you’ll need space. Simply add on the storage in the rear or front side of your kayak, and you’ll be good to go. 

Anchor Attachment

Your inflatable kayak can drift anytime due to waves or wind blows, which can make it difficult for you to park your kayak in a particular place. Just buy an anchor for your inflatable kayak and start fishing anywhere you want. 

Motor Placement

If you ever feel that paddling or rowing is too hard for you, then you can take an alternative path. The trolling motor lets you relax and will take care of the driving seat. Just make sure you point it the right way. 


There are plenty of Inflatable Kayak users out there. Before you go and buy one, see how their misunderstandings were cleared. 

  1. Can I take an inflatable kayak out in the sea?
  • Yes, you can. The advanced models are all pumped up to surf the sea waves. 
  1. Are inflatable kayaks safe and stable?
  • Inflatable kayaks have a broader base that makes it stable and safe in the water.
  1. Is it hard to paddle in an inflatable kayak?
  • Inflatable kayaks that are correctly built and have everything in place should make it easy for you to paddle. 
  1. Where can I dock my inflatable kayak when I’m not around?
  • Inflatable kayaks are portable, so you don’t need to worry about docking.
  1. Can I bring my pet dog/cat in my inflatable kayak?
  • If you can guarantee that your pet won’t jump into the water, then yes, you can. Just make sure you trim their nails first. 


Why maintain a big boat to fish around when you can simply buy an inflatable kayak. It’s small, portable, easy to use and manage. I do agree that sometimes simple products are a bit hard to use, but now you know how to use it. 

The instructions are as simple as the inflatable kayak. So relax and keep fishing from your inflatable kayak.

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