How to Cast Farther with A Spinning Reels

How to Cast Farther with A Spinning Reels

Casting your spinning reel at a distance helps you get bigger fish. It also reduces the chances of spooking your fish. Correctly using a spinning reel will enable you to have a great catch. Be sure to use the right reels and the correct method to get to a longer distance during fishing.

Ensure you use the right reel

You should use a reel that is not too light to propel it for a long distance. The reel should also not be too heavy as it will not load properly. Use the lures that fall into the approved range. Be sure to fill the reel’s spool to get more distance. The reels should be thoroughly cleaned and oiled to prevent them from wearing out as a result of friction.

Use a lighter line

Lighter lines enable your plugs to get steeper and deeper dive curves. The lines should not be too light to reduce the risks of breaking off. Normally, top anglers use fishing diving plugs on 10 or 12- pound line to attain maximum casting distance.

Use enough line to spool your reel. Do not use too much line on your spinning reels, and do not use too little line. They can decrease your casting distance.

Don’t throw as hard

Most anglers recommend casting far as a home run swing in most cases. This is because casting hard will cost you distance as it causes an imbalanced spool speed. The longer and smoother the spins are, the longer the casting distance. It is also advisable to try for smoothness to cast farther. Do not swing for the fences.

Use braided Fishing Line for maximum distance

The braided line being smaller in diameter than the monofilament makes it the best choice for casting farther distance. A 20 lb. test braid is the same as a mono line with a diameter of 6 lb. test.

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Use heavier fishing lures

Heavier lures will enable you to cast your reel farther. Consider the shape of the lures too when casting as they also affect the casting distance. A jerk bait enables your lure to extend for some extra yards.

Plan before you cast

Too little or too much line hanging may affect your casting distance. More distance is achieved by the whip-like motion, which gives a harder load on the rod and thus enabling it to propel the bait outward.

Use the best casting techniques for farther distance

There are different ways of casting as follows, side-arm cast, flip cast, overhead cast, and skip cast, among others. For the farthest distance, the overhead cast is the best to use. It is also the most accurate casting method to get a catch.

Consider the wind direction

Casting to the direction of the wind will reduce the distance for your spinning. Have the wind at your back or by the side.


Fishing is much easier with the use of spinning reels. You only need to use the spin reels correctly to get to a farther distance and a better catch. Do not throw the spin reels hard as this causes imbalance, thus affecting the spin reel distance. A braided fishing line a recommended for casting farther.

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