Deeper Smart Sonar on 2024

Ready for a Deeper smart sonar review guide? Sick of the standard fishfinder designs? Then let us present you with Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0, which is truly an exceptional model! Many modern fish finders feature mobile device connectivity, but have you ever seen a model that would be integrated with tablets and smartphones so deeply? Fishfinder 3.0 is such a device!

On our Deeper Sonar review, we will examine the unique features of this fish finder. This outstanding gadget can satisfy both professional and amateur anglers. Let’s waste no more time and move on to our review right away!

Features Of Deeper Smart Sonar Fish Finder


Our deeper smart sonar review article wouldn’t have been completed without the features. You could say that this device is a transducer itself! The dual-frequency sonar transducer operates on 290 kHz (15-degree beam) and 90 kHz (55-degree beam). This allows you to get quality readings, especially in shallower water. As for depths, this fish finder can spot targets on depths of up to 130ft, which means that this device is designed more for shallow water rather than great depths.

The transducer/fish finder can be wirelessly connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It is capable of ensuring connection on up to 130ft, so with this model, you will have to make sure that you have a direct view of the transducer. Even waves will result in connection loss, so be careful with that.

The device operates in a temperature range between -4F to 104F. It is capable of spotting targets in both salt and fresh water as well.

Deeper Smart Sonar will deliver data on bottom contour, depth, temperature, underwater vegetation, structure, and, of course, tag fish.

This fish finder separates objects at a distance of up to 0.25ft! You can mark anything up to 3-inch-sized objects in water as well.

There have been some complaints about the Bluetooth connectivity of Deeper’s fish finder.

It may take some time and a couple of tries, but once the connection is established, this fish finder will show what it has got.

Mobile device compatibility

The most noteworthy feature of Deeper Smart Sonar is its mobile device connectivity. You can connect this fish finder to your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet. This really makes this model exceptionally convenient as you will be able to have the data wherever you need it. Just install the Deeper – Smart Sonar mobile application, and you are ready to go!

Mobile app

With Deeper Smart Sonar, your mobile device is the control unit. There is no need to rely on the inbuilt screen of the transducer. The level of image quality and overall convenience will depend on your mobile gadget!

The GPS and cartography capabilities of this fish finder are directly connected to your smartphone, namely, Deeper’s mobile app. While the fish finder itself doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS module, it can read GPS data from your smartphone in boat mode.

Speaking of modes, the mobile app features a number of them, including the mentioned boat mode, which allows you to map the waters you fish in. Besides, in standard mode, you can use this device as a fish finder and sonar from the shore. In ice fishing mode, you can use the fish finder as a tracker for your lure.

But that’s not all the app has to offer! With the solunar calendar and weather forecasting, you can plan your next angling trip. During your trip, you can log your every catch with the fishing notes function.

As for the cartography capabilities, Deeper Fishfinder 3.0 won’t disappoint you! You can create bathymetric lake maps with the sonar mounted to your boat. Besides creating your own maps, you can download detailed maps, which you can then use offline. You can mark your favorite places with a waypoint as well!

In addition, you can upload your maps to your computer with the Deeper Data Manager installed. That will help you with analyzing your maps!

Easiness of Use

deeper sonar ice fishing

What about the easiness of use? You only need to cast the fish finder to your scanning spot. This allows you to scan inaccessible areas like shores, bridges, docks, and other locations.

There have been complaints about the weight of the fish finder, which is excessive for easy casting. But after a couple of throws, you should be able to develop the feel of the weight.

As with the general convenience of Deeper Smart Sonar, it exclusively depends on your mobile device. That’s one of the most beautiful things about this fish finder! You don’t have to rely on the display the manufacturer put into the device! The model of your smartphone or tablet will determine the level of comfort! Besides, you have much more mobility with this fish finder, which will be particularly useful during ice fishing.


  • The dual-beam transducer delivers quality readings on depths of up to 130ft.
  • Bluetooth is connected to your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Operates on a rechargeable battery with charge enough for 6 hours of use.
  • You can cast Deeper Smart Sonar to areas otherwise inaccessible to other fish finders.
  • The Deeper – Smart Sonar mobile app will help you with planning your trips thanks to its calendar and weather forecast.
  • You can create your own maps or download detailed packs via the mobile app.
  • Computer connectivity and synchronization with other Deeper fish finders via the app.
  • The easiness of use will depend on your mobile gadget.


  • Low depth range.
  • Complaints on Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Not too convenient for casting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can mobile devices Deeper Smart Fishfinder work with?

If your device has iOS 8.0 or higher/Android 4.0or higher, your smartphone will work with Deeper’s mobile app. Besides, you can check on the app stores to see if the app is compatible with your device.

  • What accessories are available for this fish finder?

You can get accessories for different styles of fishing. For shore fishers, you can get the smartphone mount to keep your hands free for casting. For boat anglers, you can get the Flexible Arm to mount the smart sonar to your boat so it can take readings while you paddle. Lastly, the Night Cover will come in handy during night fishing and low visibility.


You can meet plenty of interesting fish finders, but Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 may be the most noteworthy model. Mobile compatibility lets it become one with your smartphone, which will be the main factor of this fish finder’s convenience. Besides, the mobile app is frequently updated, so you will always have the newest features on hand.

Pair it with the quite good performance of the fish finder, and you get one of the best must-have fish finders out there! We think that this is a great gadget for anglers of any skill! This Deeper Smart Sonar Review will help you guide through the best and we hope that you will find what your needs.


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