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The Best Free Geocaching Apps To Help You Find Hidden Treasures.

Last updated on August 28th, 2022

The best geocaching app will offer you unlimited access to the world’s largest and greatest treasure hunt from your smartphone. Geocaching started off as a web-based platform, which later shifted to an app with the rise of smartphones. With over 2 million caches hidden around the world, this game can be enjoyed by both adults and children who love to explore and discover treasures.

However, the game’s official app is the only one that is compatible with both iOS and Android while the others are compatible with either one. With a variety of geocaching apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is compatible with your smartphone and which isn’t. Below is a list of 8 best apps for geocaching.

Geocaching by Groundspeak

Groundspeak is the game’s official app, which is also compatible with both iOS and Android. It has all you will need to start the geocaching adventure with a free version that will access the basic caches. With the premium version, you will have access to millions of hidden caches waiting to be discovered.

The app allows you to connect with other geocachers and explore different parts of your surrounding that you never knew existed. You can download maps for use offline in case you get out of range. Once you download the app, you can have access to the following.

  • Message other players for tips and hints
  • Learn about trackables
  • Find the easy traditional geocaches
  • Find geocaching events
  • And a whole lot more

C: geo

This geocaching app is only compatible with Android smartphones. Are you looking for the best geocaching app for Android that is free? Well, C: geo might be what you need. This app has an option for a premium membership; however, it is unnecessary if you are not planning on taking geocaching seriously. You will need a account to get you started.

This app won’t require a web browser or even export. It also offers some basic support to other geocaching sites, including open caching. Once you install it, you can enjoy the following features.

  • Create and manage waypoints
  • Explore using a compass and other apps or maps
  • See caches on live map
  • Access offline maps and offline caching
  • Import and export GPX files
  • Log all your findings online and offline


This app is designed with beginners in mind. It is versatile as you can use it online and offline. Regardless of your experience with geocaching, this app can be used by anyone, including beginners. It comes with a 14 day trial period offering you all of the features depending on your account. Once the trial period is done, you will have to buy a license in the in-app purchases from GCDriod to continue using the app.

Although this app isn’t free. It comes with some cool features, including direct access to drop boxes, if you want to download GPX files and GSAK databases. The best part of it all is that the app comes Ad-free, meaning you can enjoy exploring without interruptions. Also, the app is compatible with android smartphones.

Geocaching Trail Buddy

This is another android geocaching app which is made for serious geocachers looking to solve several caches. This app is a free trial for the geocaching buddy app. with this app, each clue you found is remembered and calculated to get a new waypoint or clue. Once you enter all of the clues, a final cache formula or projections will then be evaluated.

While exploring for caches, the app will record the spot you park your car so that it is easy to find it once you discover your cache. Some of the other features of this app include the following.

  • In-app Google maps waypoint view
  • Vibration alert once you reach 25m away from the waypoint
  • Prepare multiple caches from home on your phone or with a web interface

Geocaching App & Widgets

This is another android geocaching app that will allow you always to view geocaches that are near you. This app will only consume a small percentage of your battery, so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging the phone when using the app. It is will require you to purchase the premium version since the free version doesn’t offer much. Download on the App Store


This might be the best free geocaching app for iOS. It will allow you to quickly and easily find your way to several geo-locations using a map or a compass. It can be used to find the IP geolocation that you may search at home and later find it outside. You can also use it to find any location using the maps and the compass of the game.

This app will not require any special permissions to operate. However, it will include Ads every now and then. Once you install the geofinder app, you can go on to accept the geo challenge also to enjoy the following.

  • Type preferred geocache coordinates in the DDD, UTM, DMS, and even DMM.
  • A list where you can store geocache positions that you search

Gold Hunt

Would you like to hunt for gold with your friends and family? Gold hunt geocaching app might be what you need. You can track publications of new geocaches to help you find new caches that are near you. Once you find them, you can hit the road to discover silver, bronze, and even gold. Are you a price hunter or an active geocacher?  Then this app will notify you of newly published caches from twitter, the web, and even your email.

It comes with a free version where members can view distance locations and details of a cache. When on this version, you will only get to full details of only three caches in a single day. Any information on the premium version is very limited to the free version users. Its only with the premium version that you get to access all of the features of this game, which makes the game more interesting and fun. Download on the App Store.

Geo Tracker

Are you a fun of long travels as well as action sports? Well, if you are, then the geo tracker geocaching app might be what you need. It works as an excellent GPS tracker, and it can allow you to record tracks trips you make and later share them with your friends.

Use the geo tracker app when you are taking trips in areas that you are unfamiliar with to reverse the journey back to safety. You can also use someone else’s route if it is stored in the GPX or KML. What’s more, is that the geo tracker can calculate the following. Download on the App Store.

  • Minimum, maximum and even average slope
  • Time as well as average speed moving
  • The vertical distance, speed, and even ascent
  • Maximum and average speed while on the track
  • Maximum and minimum altitude as well as altitude difference


Depending on the smartphone that you own, whether it’s Android or iOS, you can get the best geocaching app easily. Check on the compatibility of the app you get, and if it is compatible, you can go ahead and download it. We wish you all the best in your adventures.

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