Paddle board fishing

Paddle Board Fishing – The Tips You Need to Know

Last updated on August 12th, 2021

Paddle board fishing is gaining popularity among many anglers because you paddle while standing, giving you a better view of the water below. It is also a great way to exercise, and you can reach shallow places that a boat cannot go.

This fishing technique also makes it easy to move from one fishing location to the other because the paddle board is easy to transport. To excel well in paddle board fishing, there are some essential tips that you need to know to enhance your fishing experience. We will cover these tips below.

Paddle Board Fishing Basics & Gear Tips

Get the Right Equipment

If you are considering trying paddleboard fishing, you need to get the right equipment first. The last thing you want is to get caught unaware without the right equipment. You might not have ample room to keep your essentials, but you need to have some things to get the job done. These things include the following:

Paddle board

The first essential item you need for a successful paddle boarding fishing experience is a quality paddle board. It should be sturdy enough to give you better support on the water. Your paddle board should also be wide enough such that you have enough room to cast and keep your equipment.

Fishing items

After selecting your quality paddle board, the next item to focus on is fishing equipment. You need to get proper fishing items for paddle boarding. Some items you can pick include:

Other essential items that you can carry are:

  • Rod holder
  • Electric air pump 
  • Water cooler
  • Pocket knife
  • Extra rope and shoes
  • Some snacks
  • Safety gear


An anchor plays an essential role while you are on the waters. Without it, then nothing will work. The work holds you well in place after you pick your ideal fishing spot. When choosing the anchor, ensure the rope is ideal for the water deepness you are fishing.  

Consider the Weather

Before you head for your paddle board fishing trip, consider the current weather condition. Several conditions like tides, wind and current can affect the paddle board because it is lightweight.

Your First Trip Should Be Short

If you are going for paddle boarding fishing trip for the first time, keep the trip short. I know you can be excited about the whole experience but do not try to cover more water. You never know how the conditions can turn out to be, which can make you misjudge your distance.

Prepare the Pole

For the first time, paddle boarding can make you a bit anxious because you are trying to balance the fishing pole and the paddle. Make your work easier by having hooks on the cooler to access the rod easily. By doing this, you will not need to multi-task holding the pole and paddling.

Final Words

Paddleboard fishing is a nice sport that exercises different parts of your body. If you are learning the skill from scratch, the above tips will make your experience on the waters great. Follow the above tips and also know the fishing regulations governing your state.

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