Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Review

Lowrance Mark 5x Pro [DownScan Imaging Sonar]

Last updated on February 10th, 2024

Lowrance always produces high-tech and high-quality products but they don’t know how to make low-quality products. The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro fish finder unit is a popular product. It has unique features that make it a top-selling item. These features are great to have available when fishing out in the water. The unit is equipped with a five-inch display and crisp visibility. There are several options that can benefit you when searching for fish. Each feature will provide the benefit that this unit has to offer. This device contains a high resolution that makes it easier to see in bright sunlight. The different resolution settings help to see the display in low light or cloudy conditions. It quickly detects the underwater surroundings and shows you where the fish are located. This unit lets you spend more time reeling in the fish than sitting and waiting for them to bite. If you’re looking to find a top-notch unit that will quickly locate fish, then this is the item for you. Now we are going to dedicate this article to do a Lowrance Mark 5x Pro review.

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Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Review – in Details


The functional screen display is constructed with a LED light for visual readability. The keypad also displays lights to help you see in low-lit areas. The LED lights are able to be adjusted to fit your needs.

The lights work great during the day and at night.

The Mark 5x Pro fishfinder provides a crisp view of the water below.

You will have a clear image of what is lying deeper underwater.

This is a fast way to locate the fish while traveling across the water.

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The advanced mode helps you locate and pinpoint the fish in different locations. It can also be used to track fish that are in one particular area. This 5x Pro fishfinder uses advanced technology that allows you to see the underwater species is nice to use.

It helps you to catch bigger fish and find other schools of fish. This unit has all of the bells and whistles that make fishing life easier. It provides the sight to see underwater where visibility is low. Being able to go down to 1,000 feet and see the fish swimming around is a nice option to have.


The automatic mode function is optimized for better performance. This feature helps expand the fish finding capabilities and provides accurate readings. The unit is 300 watts RMS and from peak to peak is 2400 watts.

This amazing performance allows the device to detect data from 1,000 feet below the surface. It will show you exactly what is down to that depth and surrounding area. The performance is important when detecting fish. The Lowrance 5x Pro fish finder is a good unit to use on the next fishing trip.


The unit comes with a double frequency of 83/200 kHz. The transducer is designed to mount for larger coverage areas. The transducer has a built-in sensor that reads the temperature of the water. It is designed with a trackback option.

This option lets you review prior data displayed at an earlier date. Being able to look up the history can be essential when fishing on the lake or river. The screen shows a clear picture of the current data that is being detected. It helps you to identify if the fish are close by.


The Mark 5x Pro fishfinder can be used for any type of boating device. It is a compacted product that takes up little room. The product can be used to locate fish that are underwater.

This can provide a faster way of fishing. It also helps you to locate where the big fish are hiding. The device can be mounted onto the side of the boat to keep it from falling into the water. It can be moved and transported with ease because it is lightweight.


  •  The LED lights are helpful in the nighttime hours
  •  It is a powerful unit that works great
  •  This item is precise and displays objects that are detected underwater
  •  This fish finder is able to be moved and used on more than one boat
  •  It has a high-resolution display
  •  Lowrance Mark 5x Pro settings are user-friendly


  • The product becomes hot after a few hours of use
  • The screen is hard to see in the daylight
  • It had a short connector cable


Q: Does the voltage appear on the screen when you are powering the fish finder?

A: No, the power does not display on the screen but it uses a 12-volt power source.

Q: What items come with the fish finder?

A: The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro transducer is a very powerful, swivel bracket, power supply cord, and bracket for mounting the unit.

Q: Is this product equipped with a gauge that checks the temperature of the water?

A: Yes, the Mark 5x Pro fishfinder has a water temperature gauge and it can be calibrated.

 Final Verdict

The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro fishfinder is a wonderful item to have on a fishing trip. It locates the fish with ease and displays it on the screen. This device has LED lights for the screen and the keys that help you see at night. It is a powerful item that can see a depth of 1,000 feet underwater. The technology that is used to construct this item makes it a high-quality product.

If you are wanting to find the right fish finder for your next fishing adventure, this item is highly recommended. The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro review can help decide if this is the item that you need. This item will assist you in finding the fish and have the visibility to see the big fish hiding below. The amazing product can help you locate the fish and provide you with bragging rights.

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