How to Install a Fish Finder on a Kayak

how to Install fish finder


Wondering how to install a fish finder on a Kayak? Don’t worry, we have it all figured out for you.

You must be excited with your new fish finder and raring to take it out on a test. But before you can do that you have to take to the task of installing the transducer or the fish finder.

It is a simple DIY job for which can be done with some tools and simple instructions. We will help you out with the instructions part in here so that the job becomes far easier for you.


Here’s how we would begin.

How to Install a fish finder on a Kayak or on a Boat

Here is all that you need to know.


Step 1

You need to turn over your kayak or boat to find the flattest region of the hull. The area should be free from any restrictions so as not to hamper free flow of water.

Clean the area with a rag and use rubbing alcohol or fine emery cloth to roughen the area a bit.

Step 2

Now we have to stick the transducer using slow cure epoxy or silicone based adhesive. Apply the adhesive on the bottom of the transducer evenly and place it on the surface. Apply pressure from the top and move a bit side to side until it presses against the hull.

Make sure no air bubbles are there in between. Let it dry for 24 hours with something placed on it to apply slight pressure. The boat should be kept level during the drying period.

You can also attach the battery box to your boat using the same technique we just discussed.

Step 3

You have to locate a place to mount the display unit on your kayak. Drill a hole so that all cables can go through and fix the mount using screws.

Do not pull out too much cable but enough to reach to the display unit. Use a watertight fitting to protect the cables from any damage.


Yep, we are pretty much done and you can set out for your fishing trip!


But ensure that you read the installation instructions in your user’s manual and clearly understand them. Then you can confidently use the instructions in this post.


  • Updated September 6, 2017
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