Geocaching with kids

Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching with Kids

Last updated on January 8th, 2021

Geocaching for kids is not only fun, but it also makes your kids focused. Many kids do not enjoy walking long distances, which may make them lazy and physically unfit. However, you can try geocaching with kids as this will help to engage their minds and bodies and act as a way to explore nature.

You may be wondering how geocache for kids work and how it is done. I will give you a detailed but simple guide on how to start geocaching with kids. I am sure you plus your kids will enjoy the experience, and you will make it one of the best ways to leisure.


Geocaching is an interesting activity that uses a Smartphone with installed GPS or any other GPS device to search for caches.  Caches are the things your kids will be looking for, and they are available in different sizes. Your kids will be navigating to different GPS coordinates while looking for the geocache that is hidden in those places.

People of all ages can practice this outdoor activity.  This activity is great as it utilizes the new technology to help you together with your kids to explore the earth. Geocaches are available anywhere in the world. Most geocachers cover caches in sites that are special to them.

There are several types of geocaching games to choose from. You can try different types and observe the one that your kids will love the most.

Things to Carry For Geocaching

  • A GPS device
  • Caches
  • A pen
  • Some paper sheets
  • How to start geocaching with kids
  • Have a geocaching account

Getting an account is very easy, and it is free. Just move to the website,, and register for a Basic Membership. On this website, there is more information about geocaching that will increase your knowledge about the game.

You can also go through the video tutorials with your kids to have a clear understanding of how to do it. Download the app to the kids’ phones for easier access to the service. You can upgrade for the premium one once you get used to the simpler games.

Search For a Geocache

Go to the page named ‘Hide and Seek a Cache’ and fill in your area postal code. Click to the ‘Search’ icon, and a list will appear on the screen. Select one geocache then tap on it.

Search The Geocache Location

Once you click on a geocache, you will see the coordinates of the specific geocache. Use the GPS device to search for a particular location using the coordinates. The place can either be on a walking path, a park, underwater, or even along streets.

You can obtain extra information about the cache by clicking on the caches dot. This information includes the size of the cache, type of terrain, or difficulty finding the cache. This will help you prepare well before starting the walk.

Start The Activity

Once your kids are ready, click on the ‘Start’ icon and begin the searching journey. Use the GPS compass to direct you to the cache. Ensure that the red line is straight in front of you and your kids. Also, ensure you regulate the compass bearings when it moves. You will get information on the shortest way to follow, how far you are from the treasure, and the direction.

Locate The Treasure

As you near the cache, your phone will alert you that you are now close. You can now start zooming in the map to remain on track so you can take less time to find the hidden cache. In case the warning goes off, try to find the right direction.

Let your kids search in those places that you think are best for hiding caches. Encourage your kids to search in the hidden places with a promise that the cache will first get a present. Remember that you had a hint of the size of the cache. This will help your task easier.

Sign The Logbook

Every geocache is supposed to have a logbook. You can also get a sheet of paper, and if there is none or it is full, use the sheet you carried to sign the name of the kid who found the cache. Also, include the date. You can find other caches having some trinkets that your kids should have a look at and discuss them.

In case your children want to carry the trinket with them, you should ensure that you replace with another of the same value or even a better one. Avoid putting foodstuff or other highly scented goods in the cache as they can attract animals, leaving the geocache with no item. Ensure that your kids return the cache to its original place. Avoid moving it to another location.

Register Your Find on The App

Once your kid locates a cache, register the find in the geocaching app. You will do this on the green button reading ‘Log Geocache’. It is also good to leave your comment on your experience in finding the cache.

You can mention whether you faced some difficulties locating the geocache. You can also comment on the condition of the cache. Do not reveal any cache’s secret since other people will be locating the same after you.

Final Thoughts

Geocaching is an exciting activity for both kids as well as adults. Your kids do not have to play indoor games throughout. Introduce them to geocaching as a new way to enjoy and understand nature. It also acts as a way of doing exercise since you will be doing more walking.

After your kids find several caches like above a hundred, you can learn how to hide caches. When practicing geocache for kids, ensure you learn more about the location to ensure that you dress your kids appropriately. Geocaching is a wide field; do not allow your kids to stay bored in the house.

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