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How Did Fishermen Find Fish Before Fish Finders?

Fishing practice is an old hobby that started way before the invention of fish finders. However, even without these types of tools, fishers still did fishing. Various techniques facilitated fishing in the old centuries before fish finders. These methods are simple and effective. In this guide, we will take you through the different types of fishing techniques.

Hand fishing

This is a traditional type of finding fish. Fishers use their hands to help locate and catch fish. In this method, are various type of hand gatherings such as tramping, trout tickling, and catfish noodling.

The fisherman places their hands in a catfish hole in the catfish method and waits for the fish to bite. In tramping, you use your bare feet to feel and locate the fish.


It is another type of old way of finding fish. In netting, you use different types of nets to help you find and locate fish. Examples of the nets include gill nets and casting nets.

In this method, you should be familiar with the area of fishing. You need to know the target locations where the fish swim. When using gill nets, you add corks to its edges and ensure that the weight is evenly spread out. Casting nets is an excellent tool if you are dealing with shallow waters.


In this method, you use a hook and a bit to help you locate and catch fish. It would be best if you fit the bait on the hook and lower it into the water. The bait varies from place to place depending on the type of fish species available.

The two main types of angling kinds include rod and line angling. Inline fishing, you lower the fishing line into the water using an elevated position. In rod fishing, you attach a pole to a hook and a fishing line.

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