How Deep Is Tampa Bay?

Tampa bay is estimated to have been formed around 6000 years ago. It was a large freshwater lake that was fed through natural springs by Florida Aquifer. It is believed that following the last ice age the sea levels rose accompanied by a large sinkhole close to the current mouth of the bay this formed a link between the lake and the gulf.

Size of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is estimated to measure about 12 feet in depth. There are a lot of artificial shipment passages that have been excavated to permit a secure passageway for big ships. Of these shipment passages, the biggest is estimated to have a depth of 43 feet and length of 40 miles. It has the capability of carrying an estimated number of 150 passengers when it’s at full capacity

Ports on Tampa bay

  • The Tampa bay port

It’s the most ancient port on Tampa Bay, it dated back to the 1820s. presently it’s on the central-east and southeast of downtown Tampa that’s on Hillsboro and Mc kay bays. It’s ranked the biggest port in Florida and the 10th biggest in the country. It can accommodate almost half of Florida’s cargo which is informed of bulk, oil products, and cargos that need refrigeration.

  • The Tampa port

It was established by henry b. plant in1885. Its located on Old Tampa Bay on the eastern shore. It is very vital because it’s the point of arrival for aviation fuel piped to the near Tampa international airport and MacDill air force base.

  • The Manatee port

It is based on the lower part of Tampa Bay on the southern shore. It placed 14 in its total yearly cargo carriage.

  • St. Petersburg port

It’s the smallest of Florida’s ports and is based in St. Petersburg on old Tampa bay and its operation are run by the city. it mainly caters to private vessels.

Bridges that cross Tampa Bay

Sunshine Skyway Bridge: It was opened in the year 1954on the lower Tampa Bay on the southern side and northern side of St. Petersburg. It largely reduced the time used to travel between Manatee and Pinellas counties.

  • Gandy Bridge: Opened 1924 (first roadway bridge over Tampa Bay).
  • Howard Frank land Bridge: Opened 1960.
  • Courtney Campbell Causeway: Opened 1934.
  • Bayside Bridge:  Opened 1993. Runs roughly parallel to the western shore of Old Tampa Bay from Largo / St. Petersburg on the south to Clearwater on the north. Built to help relieve traffic congestion on nearby US-19.
  • 22nd Street Causeway: Opened 1926.


Tampa Bay is a very important bay in its country because it offers transport, fishing, and even tourist attraction. Hence can be termed a major source of income to the economy.

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