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How Fishing Lights and Dock Lights Attract Fish

Last updated on January 26th, 2021

Fishing using artificial light is a practice that has been present for many years. However, today there are advancements in technology that have made fishing easier. Anglers use fish finders, lures, rods, and underwater lights to increase the chances of catching more fish.

Fishing lights do magic to help you attract more catch to your dock using a straightforward scientific process. When you project any light underwater, it will attract more catches. How does this happen? They reflect some particles present in the water that enhance the natural food for baitfish

The light attracts baitfish, allowing you to catch big game like bass, tarpon, and snook, among others. This guide will understand how fishing lights and dock lights work to attract fish and why you need one.

How Many Lights Do You Need When Fishing from a Boat?

Does the number matter, and how many should you have? They say two heads are better than one. Similarly, having two boat lights is better than one. They increase your chances of more catch as compared to having one.

You should use two underwater fishing lights better and ensure there is enough distance between them to get a good light radius.

How Do They Work?

Traditionally, anglers used to hang lanterns over their boats because they believed the light attracts more bugs, which brings more catch. Technology has disproved this theory stating that protecting light on the water brings about a natural food chain by attracting many microscopic animals known as plankton.

Baitfish and others are attracted to the green dock lights, and they feed on plankton. Eventually, larger species also move to prey on the baitfish. If you don’t notice baitfish after 30 minutes of using the boat lights, you need to consider another location.

You need to understand your environment because you need to use lights in places with fish. If the water cannot hold fish, then using green dock lights will not do any magic. Fish need healthy water and good underwater structure for hiding. Therefore, if your dock doesn’t have these features, then using lights will not be effective.

Does Light Color Matter?

Which is the best color for underwater dock lights? There is no specific one that you need to use to attract fish. Any light, regardless of the color, will attract fish when you place it under the water. Green lights are common because many people believe that they are the only way to attract more catch.

However, this is not true because any light color doesn’t differ from how much you will catch. Apart from green, other common colors are blue lights and while which have short wavelengths, and they provide vibrant effects when you project them in the water at night.

The light’s performance can vary because some green lights attract faster after you install them, while others can take some time. Additionally, the number of fish you will catch will also depend on the location you selected. They can take some time to notice it and get used to it, but they will be coming near every night when they do.

Reasons Why Underwater Fishing Lights Help Your Catch

Do you need to use underwater fishing lights, and will they help you catch more? If you have some uncertainties, I will help you understand a few benefits that you will enjoy.

  • Better Visibility

When you project light underwater, you will be in a position to see more fish than you would do during the day. The darkness creates better contrast to give you more visibility when seeing them. Therefore, night angling has proven to be easier than during the day. They provide great illumination so you can see the surroundings easily and catch more.

  • Less Traffic

When fishing at night, there is less traffic because not many people fish at night. Therefore, you will not experience boat traffic, and there are also few people on the water. Additionally, fish express their behavior better at night because the water is calm instead of during the day. Therefore, you will achieve accurate casting, and they swim slowly at night.

Tips for LED Dock Light Fishing

For your LED dock light fishing to be successful, you need to know a few essential tips to make your work easier and more fun. The following tips will make your night fishing successful.

  1. Choose your location wisely

green fishing lights will only attract more catch in areas where there is fish. If you choose an area with less traffic, then using green underwater dock lights will disappoint you. For better results, choose an area where there are more.

  • Patience

After projecting your green fishing lights, you need to be patient before you begin throwing your lines. They need some time to notice and get used to the light.

  • Watch their behavior

When they start to come close to the underwater LED lights, it is good to watch and learn their behavior for some time. This is essential in helping you identify baitfish patterns when they are swimming. Additionally, you can figure out the baitfish that larger predators are after. With this information, you can come up with a better plan for your angling expedition. After understanding their behavior, you can now through in your line and have fun.

  • Maintain your light clean

Sometimes you might use the light in different environmental conditions, so you might need to occasionally clean them. Rinse your LED lights with fresh water after every use and ensure the waterproof connectors do not have debris. If you take proper care of them, then they will serve you for many years.

Final Words

Underwater dock lights work amazingly well to help you catch more at night. I hope this guide has given you a detailed understanding of dock lights and their importance. Therefore, if you want an easy way to catch more, practice night casting and ensure you have the best light.

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