Does WD40 Attract Fish

Does WD40 Attract Fish?

Last updated on February 28th, 2022

Fishermen with years of experience are familiar with WD40 as a necessity for their fishing adventure. This brand has its roots in the USA, and its purposes include but are not limited. It covers human scents and oils from fish, prevents fishing vessels from rust, penetrates rusted layers, lubricates and displaces moisture on the surface of your fishing vessels. The question now is, does it attract fish?

Main Uses of WD40

The WD40 was created to serve fishermen by enabling them to carry out maintenance tasks on their vessels but most importantly is it covers the human scent and oils from fish. However, the uses of WD40 extend beyond fishing vessels. 

You may rely on this product for household maintenance as well as automobile repairs and maintenance. Therefore, when you purchase this product, the following are keys tasks that you will execute with better efficiency than before.

  • You can remove residues of glue from your old panels with ease.
  • It lubricates your gate valves, especially those on the house.
  • Proven effectiveness in removing paint spillages and spots from your tiled floor.
  • Keeps your vessels and saws free from rusting.
  • The best solution is loosening rusted bolts.
  • WD40 will loosen and allow you to penetrate through rusted or stuck plumbing joints.
  • It will make your sewing machine have smooth turning wheels.
  • Fishermen use this product to cover their scents when fishing.

Where is WD40 Harmful?

This automobile aerosol has its bright and its adverse side. Some of the harmful side effects from using WD40 as reported by its users are nasal and respiratory irritation when inhaled, headaches, dizziness as well as nausea. 

Regarding maintenance, avoid using WD40 on door hinges, bike chains, the best bike chain locks, iPods & iPads, and paintballs. It causes dirt and dust to stick to such areas and melts the seals in the guns for the paintballs.

How Does It Attract Fish?

The chemical composition of WD40 includes hydrocarbons, Vaseline, baby oils, and fish oils. The fish oil in the product composition has been attributed to fish attraction though people still debate on this matter. 

Some argue that WD40 has minimal effect on fish attraction when compared to garlic, salt, and anise products, while others agree in totality that it attracts fish. The scent in the WD40 is kept low, with other maintenance tasks of the product being given much weight.

Is WD40 Illegal in Fishing?

In areas where the product is popular with fishermen, it is legal to spray the product on your body to cover human scents from body oils but illegal to spray it directly into the water. This is due to its chemical composition that violates the water regulations on volatile organic compounds.


WD40, to some extent, attracts fish due to the fish oil in its composition. However, given the low levels of the scent, the attraction of fish is a minor use when compared to the major roles of covering the human scents and maintenance of fishing vessels. Fish will be attracted more to the sound of the boats, scents from salty items, or garlic products than the scent of WD40.

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