How to Dry Wading Boots

How to Dry Wading Boots After Fishing?

If you own a pair of wading boots, you must have come across the point where you needed to dry them out which can be a hassle at times. But if you have already figured the easy way out, it becomes no big deal and instead, you run over to do it like routine work after every angling and cleaning session. However, let’s face the reality dear anglers! Went fishing wearing your favorite pair of waders? You need to dry them now! Just washed and cleaned your boots? You need to dry them now! So, we do get the idea about how important it is to dry wading boots as these are the only type of boots that are made to get exposed to water.

Before anything else we want you to get you enlightened with a very important phenomenon. Being a wader you must be familiar with the invasive species; also known as aquatic nuisance species (ANS). They can cause harm to human health, animals, and even to the environment. To stay on the safe side, please make sure to disinfect all your fishing gears after your fishing sessions. Be it on any rivers, lake, pond, or any type of water body. Please disinfect your wading boots and get rid of those unwanted invasive.

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On the other hand, as you are here to know about the drying techniques of your wading boots, we thought of giving you a step by step guide instead of normally describing it. So, here goes all that you need to know about this topic.

Step By Step Guide How to Dry Wading Boots

After you are done washing your precious pair of waders or any pair of heavy-duty rubber boots, getting off the water should be the first thing you do.

Firstly, dry the inside of the boots if you are using any kind of blowers to dry them. Then continue drying the outer parts. That way the inside of the boots gets more exposed to the heat and there is a very little chance of it remaining damp. If the moisture does not totally get out, it can damage the inner sole slowly which decreases the longevity. Afterward, make sure to hang them in a cool dry place right after the blow-drying session. And you are done! They are ready to get to your storage area.

This is mainly the whole process to get that nice and dry pair of boots. This procedure even works for all your ill-fitting and not very good draining boots. In the next section, we will talk about all the other tools and ways that can be used to get your wet wading boots dry within minutes.

Tools That Can Be Used Instead of a Boot Dryer

Talking about tools reminds us about the major tools of all the tools. Sunlight. Yes, you heard it right. If you can dry them out in the sunlight, you will need no dryer, no extra hassle at all. You either hang them to dry in the sunlight or keep them in a place where direct sunlight falls. Then it is just a matter of time to get your hands on your fine and dry waders.

Next comes an easy one but it might take a few more minutes to get the job done. Almost all of us own a hairdryer and when you do not have any boot dryers, you can just take the hairdryer and dry the inside and the outside thoroughly.

Those who love gardening are very likely to own a leaf dryer machine. Yes, we are actually talking about a leaf dryer here to dry your wading boots and wading socks at times when needed urgently. It is known to dry them faster than almost any other medium. Hardly takes three to four minutes to dry each foot. Are you thinking if we are out of our minds maybe? But seriously, give it a try next time if you have a leaf dryer nearby and thank us later. Be it a rubber sole or a felt sole, this is a tested procedure and known to work very well on all types.

Please remember to not put them in the dryer where you usually dry your clothes. This will eventually damage your quality wading boots making them almost unwearable. In most cases, the seam tape gets damaged. Also, do not overexpose your waders to the direct sunlight. It can also damage some of its material due to UV radiation.


Sometimes you can increase the durability of your boots by ten folds just by taking fair care of them. This is the only secret of those people who use the same pair for years. You even might have thought that they have been buying the same model over and over again. But the answer may be simply a ‘No’.

Besides, before drying while you are washing them always use a normal detergent and cold water. The material of your boots stays put that way. If you have gone through all the tips and tricks we just shared, we believe, you are good to go wading even if you have a wet pair on the day of fishing. If you are a regular wader, we recommend you to add a boot dryer to your fly fishing gears for all time use and to go on uninterrupted fishing expeditions.

Last but not the least, if you are still thinking of getting the pair that fits within all your needs and budget, you can always check our wader boots review where we tried putting some of the best ones from different wading boot manufacturers from all around the world. Even if you have a low budget, you can still get your dream waders that feature all the functions almost like the expensive ones.

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