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Garmin Echo 500c fish finder

Last updated on February 10th, 2024

The Garmin Echo 500c fish finder is a device that every fisherman dreams of. It easily locates the fish underwater while you are driving the boat. It remembers your previous depth findings for later review. This device is equipped with numerous features that make it a popular choice among users.

It is a high-tech product that helps find the fish quicker and more accurately. It will keep you busy, tracking, finding, and fishing with better performance. The ability to use a device to see what is underwater can save hours. It allows you to spend more time catching fish than nothing at all.

Being able to view the underwater area can provide a bigger quantity of fish caught than ever before. The device is compact and can fit anywhere on the boat for a better accurate fishing ability. The benefits that this product offers are exciting. The Garmin Echo 500c fishfinder features can help you decide if this is the fish finder for you to use on your next fishing adventure.


The display option is a wonderful feature to use. It shows what is under the water and is easy to read and understand. The five-inch screen displays the images that the fish finder picks up. The Garmin Echo 500c fishfinder lets you see what is beneath you in real time. The display screen is bright and allows you to see in the low and bright light. There are bright colors that distinguish what creatures and underwater life are looming under the boat.

TechnologyGarmin Echo 500c water speed

The dual-beam technology provides accurate imagery of the fish that are swimming down below. It has a creative technical advancement that allows you to see deep in the water. It offers 1900 feet of visibility in freshwater areas.

The Garmin Echo 500c fishfinder lets you see 700 feet underwater in saltwater. The beams provide a depth finder to help you locate the bigger fish that are swimming in deep water terrain. The in-depth technology provides accurate fish detection that will enhance any fishing adventure.


The Garmin Echo 500c has an incredible design to help you have a visual of underwater life. It is designed to program one beam to be in use at a time. The single beam can provide sufficient monitoring of the fish and species that are around the fishing spot.

This great design can assist in finding the groups of fish faster without wasting precious time. It offers exceptional detection options when you are moving or idle in the water.


Several imagery options come with this product. The imagery features are built into the device to provide an accurate experience. The ultra-scroll shows you where the fish are while you are traveling through the water.

This helps you to keep moving until you find the perfect fishing spot. The Fish ID shows you what is being viewed in real time with iconic graphics that are simple to read. The device remembers the history range of depth readings for you to review or go back to later.


The Garmin Echo 500c fish finder is used to find fish and detect species underwater. It saves fishermen time when they are out searching for the big catch of the day. There is a unique display that clearly shows where the fish are hanging out and what is in the water. This item can be placed on a boat to use on every fishing trip. It can be mounted or moved for added convenience.


  • The fish finder has dual-beam technology
  • It has a five-inch screen that is easy to read
  • The device views a freshwater depth of 1900 feet
  • It views saltwater depths down to 700 feet
  • The beams can be programmed to be used one at a time
  • This item can be mounted on the boat for added performance
  • The Garmin Echo 500c screen has a bright color display
  • The finder shows symbols when it tracks and located fish and other species


  • The display shows objects as fish when they are not fish
  • It is complicated to use
  • The display screen sticks and does not display accurately when this happens

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Q: Does this device have a built-in GPS system?

A: No, this item does not have a GPS.

Q: How does the base of the device come apart from the bracket?

A: You can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw that is holding it together.

Q: Does the Garmin Echo 500c come with a dual or single beam?

A: This product is equipped with dual-beam technology.

Final Verdict

The Garmin Echo 500c fish finder is an amazing product to use on the water. It has dual beam technology that can penetrate the depths of the water at around 1900 feet. This allows users to locate fish and other water life with ease.

The five-inch screen offers a large visual of what exactly is beneath you when you fish. The fish finder is made to read and produce data while the boat is idle or moving. It even has a memory feature that lets you locate depth locations that you found earlier.

If you’re looking for a magnificent fish finder to use, then this is the product for you. When you take this device on the water, it will provide you with a faster fish locator with accurate readings. Explore the Garmin Echo 500c review and learn how this item can increase your fishing options. You may like to have a look at our Garmin striker 4 portable review.

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