Fish Finder Rig Redfish

Fish Finder Rig Redfish: Master the Art of Catching Red Drum

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

The Fish Finder Rig is a popular rig used for targeting redfish. It is efficient for surf fishing and can be set up with a variety of baits to attract these prized fish.

Many anglers find success using this rig due to its ability to present bait in a natural and enticing manner. The Fish Finder Rig consists of a sliding weight, a leader line, a hook, and a swivel. It allows the bait to move freely in the water, increasing its chances of attracting redfish.

This rig is particularly effective when fishing in areas with strong currents or when targeting larger redfish. Whether you are a beginner or experienced angler, mastering the Fish Finder Rig can greatly increase your chances of hooking a redfish.

1. Understanding The Fish Finder Rig

The fish finder rig is a versatile tool for anglers looking to catch redfish. This rig consists of a weight, a swivel, a leader line, and a hook. The purpose of the fish finder rig is to help locate fish in the water by allowing the bait to move freely with the current.

It is particularly effective for catching red drum, also known as redfish. The components of the fish finder rig work together to create a setup that can attract and hook these fish. One of the benefits of using this rig is that it allows the bait to be presented in a natural and enticing way, increasing the chances of a successful catch.

Anglers can use this rig for both shore fishing and surf fishing, making it a versatile option for targeting redfish.

2. Selecting The Right Gear For Red Drum Fishing

Selecting the right gear for red drum fishing involves considering various factors. When it comes to fishing rods and reels, choose ones specifically designed for red drum fishing. Additionally, selecting the right fishing line is crucial for the fish finder rig.

Make sure to use a line that is strong enough to handle the size and strength of redfish. Moreover, other essential tackle and equipment include hooks, swivels, and weights. These items are necessary to set up the fish finder rig effectively.

By using the right gear and equipment, you increase your chances of successfully catching red drum. Remember to consider the water conditions and the size of the fish when selecting your gear. With the right setup, you’ll be ready to tackle redfish fishing with confidence.

3. Proper Techniques For Using The Fish Finder Rig To Catch Red Drum

The fish finder rig is an effective technique for catching red drum. To set up the rig correctly, start by selecting the right bait for red drum fishing. The bait can include live or cut bait such as shrimp, mullet, or crab.

Next, mastering the casting and retrieval techniques is essential for success. Make sure to cast the rig to areas where red drum are likely to be present, such as structures or drop-offs. Additionally, when retrieving the rig, vary the speed and action to mimic the movement of natural prey.

By following these proper techniques, anglers can increase their chances of catching red drum using the fish finder rig.

4. Locating And Targeting Red Drum With The Fish Finder Rig

Locating and targeting red drum with the fish finder rig requires understanding their habitat and behavior. Red drum are commonly found in areas with shallow water and sandy bottoms. Look for them near flats, marshes, and grass beds. They are also known to frequent areas with structure such as docks, oyster beds, and mangroves.

When searching for the best fishing spots, target areas near inlets, channels, and drop-offs. These areas tend to have strong currents and provide ample food sources for red drum. The fish finder rig can be effective in various fishing environments such as surf, pier, and shore.

Adjust the weight size and bait presentation according to the specific conditions of each environment. Experiment with different fishing strategies to increase your chances of success when targeting red drum.

Fish Finder Rig Redfish: Master the Art of Catching Red Drum


Frequently Asked Questions On Fish Finder Rig Redfish

What Type Of Rig Is Best For Redfish?

The best rig for redfish is a fish finder rig, which is ideal for surf fishing and pier fishing.

What Is The Best Rig For Inshore Saltwater Fishing?

The best rig for inshore saltwater fishing is the fish finder rig.

How Do You Rig For Bull Reds?

To rig for Bull Reds, follow these steps: 1. Use a Fish Finder Rig for surf fishing. 2. Tie the rig with a leader and a pyramid sinker. 3. Attach a hook and bait, such as cut bait or live bait.

4. Cast the rig into the surf and wait for a bite.

How Does The Fish Finder Rig Work For Redfish?

The fish finder rig is an effective setup for redfish because it allows the bait to move naturally in the water, enticing the fish to bite. The sliding weight on the main line keeps the bait close to the bottom, where redfish often feed.


The Fish Finder Rig is an excellent choice for targeting redfish in various fishing environments. Its versatility, simplicity, and effectiveness make it a go-to rig for many anglers. The rig’s ability to present bait near the bottom, while still allowing for natural movement, greatly increases your chances of attracting redfish.

One of the key components of this rig is the sliding weight, which allows you to adjust the depth of your presentation based on the fishing conditions. Additionally, the fluorocarbon leader provides optimal invisibility in the water, maximizing your chances of a successful hook-up.

When using the Fish Finder Rig, remember to choose the right bait that redfish are known to favor, such as shrimp, mullet, or crab. By using live bait and incorporating scent attractants, you can further increase your chances of enticing redfish.

Whether you’re fishing from shore, a pier, or in the surf, the Fish Finder Rig is a reliable and effective tool for targeting redfish. Its simple design, coupled with its ability to present bait naturally, make it a must-have rig in any angler’s arsenal.

So give the Fish Finder Rig a try on your next redfish adventure and get ready to reel in the big ones!

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