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A Guide on Choosing Top Baitcasting Reels

Last updated on February 28th, 2022

A recent 2017 statistic stated that an average of 49.1 million people went fishing at least once during that year alone. The number has surged now because the activity is slowly becoming a favorite hobby for so many people. 

If you are one of the people thinking of going for this activity, you better have the right tools. There are several tools but, one of the most vital tools is a fishing rod and a reel. You can also see this link for more information.

There are four main types of fishing reels which are: 

  • Spincast 
  • Baitcasting 
  • Spinning 
  • Fly reels

This article will shed light on Baitcasting specifically. 

Its Definition

The different bait casting reels have unique features. For instance, a spinning type is light and designed to accumulate a light load of weight. It favors small kids. I presume every amateur fisher tried out a Spinning reel on the first fishing day. This particular equipment is entirely different.

For starters, it sits above the rod, making the spool parallel to the rod. Since the lines come from the spool, it requires an experienced piscator to control the fishing activity. 

Some of the known gears are: 

  • Abu Garcia Revo Stx 
  • 13 Fishing Concept 
  • Daiwa Tatula CT
  • Shimano Curado DC 
  • Shimano SLX XT

It’s Two Types 

There are two subcategories of the equipment. They are:

Round – It’s common for a prolonged run and efficient for a heavy load. 

Low-Profile – It is the more popular equipment of the two. It is because it is easy with wrist action, hence, much more comfortable. 

There is a grey area of information about these effective apparatuses. It is that, or any fisher ends up choosing one which is not fit for them. See this link to read about the different types of fishing reels

Baitcasting Reels Advantages

A Higher Power

There is more participation from the gears in this type of reel. Therefore, the output result has a lot of power compared to the other reels. The equipment causes a little lever arm if a particular reeling gets attached to a heavy load. 

Good Control 

It is easy to control the speed and distance of your lure with this apparatus. The more you use, the better you will be at achieving great accuracy during the cast. Eventually, you will place the bait just where the targeted fish will be. 

A Prolonged Cast 

The line, which settles in the spool, will extend further during fishing. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that will go further, you now know which one to choose. 

Little Line Twists 

One of the common problems a fisherman faces is a line twist. It will make it harder to access the targeted fish. The most convenient way to overcome this problem is to opt for a reel that is a small line twist occurrence. Baitcasting reels are one of them. The line comes out horizontally from the spool. Therefore, the only line twist that will happen will be with the lure inside the water. 

Tips On Choosing The Best Equipment

The Spool Size

An enormous fish weigh more than a smaller one. Hence, fishing a bigger one requires a heavier tool. A large spool, on the other hand, holds more lines than a smaller one. It is why, for a big fishing excursion, any angler will opt for a large spool. 

The Handle Size

Just like the spool size, a large handle is efficient for large fisheries. A small handle size will not produce the required torque to pull out a heavy creature. To identify which tool you need, try to have an approximate amount of the harvest expected. You do not want to be in the middle of the sea but cannot reap your benefits since you have the wrong tools. 

The Tension and Brake Arrangement

The line gets to be controlled by two systems. On its onset, there is the Tension knob that controls it. The brake system then commands the offset line at the end. Both of these arrangements have to be efficient. 

If either is faulty, then you will experience a backlash during the activity. 

Its Materials and Bearings 

Commonly, the equipment has bearings inside. The bearing aid the spinning of the line from the spool. A gear with ceramic and stainless-steel bearings runs very smoothly. It is vital in casting your lure. 

You will more benefits with equipment that will last long. Durable equipment ends up saving you cash that you would have spent purchasing a new one. The most recommended durable materials include magnesium, aluminum, or carbon composite materials. They are not heavy as well. 

Its Gear Proportion

For every spool turn, the line spreads a distance further. It is called the Gear Ratio. Consequently, a higher gear ratio indicates more lines will move out of the spool. When choosing good equipment to use, this is a crucial factor. 

There are gears with a higher gear ratio and ones with a lower gear ratio. An example of a higher gear ratio is 6.4:1. A lower gear ratio is 5.2:1. 

The type of gear ratio you want to use depends on the type of your product. A lower gear ratio is efficient for fisheries that are hard to pull. Hence, a piscator will reap a higher torque with a lower gear ratio. It will also aid in reeling the bait steadily. 

A higher gear ratio, on the other hand, works on fast-moving fisheries. It aids in fishing out creatures such as Topwater frogs, jigs, worms, and Carolina Jigs. Click here to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q.) 

What’s the price range of this equipment? 

The most efficient equipment will range from $100 to $200. There are so many stores that provide this equipment. One should first check the above tips before you settle on which gear to take home. 

Should I train or Look for an expert before I use it? 

Yes, you should. The equipment will be inflexible for a beginner to use solely. Before you use it, ensure that you have the right fishing skills to handle it. 


Being successful at fishing requires more than just knowing the best site and time to fish. You have to prepare well before going out. The reel is one of the most important things that you should use. There are different types available manufactured to suit different scenarios. For example, some fish are bigger and heavier than others. Therefore, you will require a much larger and stronger reel to be able to get them. Your level of expertise also matters. Tools made for beginners are simple and easy to handle than those made for experts.

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