Can You Eat Lizardfish?

Lizardfish is one delicacy you will not want to miss; the fish has pure white meat that will be great if well cooked and cleaned. Lizardfish requires some special slicing so that the gut remains intact. If you clean it, make sure that you do it thoroughly, and you will have the taste you never imagined.

Is the Lizardfish Meat Tasty?

The meat of lizardfish is pure white and is considered to have a mild taste, and is flaky when cooked. The taste of lizardfish is exclusive and will attract anyone with love for seafood. You will crave lizardfish more after taking the first bite since it has a great and unique taste. The taste is worth a try if it is your first time consuming the lizardfish.


Lizardfish is a fish that looks like a lizard with a cylindrical permanent and rigid body. The lizardfish has pectoral and pelvic fins below its body and the adipose and dorsal fins above it. Depending on the species, it comes in several colors, from green, red, cream, and turquoise.


The lizardfish lives mainly in shallow coastal waters, and it is all across the globe. Those in deep waters do not go below 1300 feet under the water surface. There exist over 60 species of lizardfish, and 8 of those species live in the Gulf of Mexico. The lizardfish can be found onshore or offshore depending on species, the offshore species is smaller, and the offshore is coastal and larger.

How to Catch Lizardfish

Lizardfish tend to attack bait that fishermen use for other fish. To catch lizardfish, keep the bait moving to attract it, bait such as squid, pile worms. The best time to catch this fish is during the spawning season. 

The deep-sea lizardfish do not have nests or guard the young ones. The females drop eggs near reefs about 100 feet below the water surface. The males follow them, and they fertilize the eggs. This way, you will catch many lizardfish and satisfy your appetite, especially during this season.

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Cleaning a Lizardfish

Use a scaler to remove scales, take a sharp knife, and slice fish from anus to head in one slice. In two flaps, the meat and guts underneath will be revealed. Then cut pectoral fins that are near the head. Cut off the head and make sure you don’t cut it clean off to avoid slicing through the gut line. 

Removing the head and taking guts along with it should be the next step. Have a degutted fish intact to the tail. From there, you can now cook your lizardfish and make sure to bake it well to get that fantastic unique taste.


The lizardfish is a meal that you should eat. The fact that people refer to it as lizardfish does not mean that it is a lizard or a reptile in any way. The lizardfish is a meal you can regularly consider for its health benefits and its great unique taste.

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